Authentic Wisdom: After the first paragraph [of you “How To Love & Marry Yourself” eCourse], I could not turn away from your clarity, beauty, and writing style. Your “conversation” shows authentic wisdom, deep spirit /nature connection, and I …well, I just wanted to tell you…if you have not written a book, I wait for the one you will someday write! Your writing and the persona behind the writing is beautiful. I’ll proceed now with the Fieldwork section. Just had to stop and acknowledge you, and let you know it’s already impacted me. ~Nancy (Trojanowski) Wolfer, Professional Spiritual Life Coach
The Joy of Retreat:Thank you for the joy of this retreat. I am here because of your love. You have opened up a beautiful door. I will be forever grateful. I know you will be with me always. ~Melissa Mrozinski, Milwaukee, WI


Compassion in Action: Coach Lotus is a person who sees positive imagery in difference. This quality allows her to be an affirmation to change, daring and diversity. She is a generous person. This quality gifts her friends in many ways, whether it be a cool glass of water from a kitchen that smells of sweet delights; or a ride to the BART station when you just feel tired; or a good ear and tongue that with compassion will speak the truth — not just flowery garbage without substance of what she heard. Lotus desires women’s health. It is a quality to be honored in times when women’s issues are not as popular as they were for a few decades. Lotus continues to work for our health. ~Laurel Lee, Teacher & Artist, Oakland, CA

Visionary Capacity: Lotus has the kind of vision and dedication that I think is extremely important for the state of our world. I’m amazed at her capacity to bring people together in ways that generate fantastic results for everyone involved. ~Nathan Brown, Marketing Consultant, PersonalGrowthSales/Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Lotus: Creative Dreamer / Determined Spirit / Willing Student / Gracious Teacher / Loving Daughter / Abundant Mother / Joyful Spirit / Open Heart / Prosperous Life ~Coach Kelly Morrison, Maple Valley, WA

Life Coach: You helped me find my life and my spirit. I’ve been missing them dearly. I love you, dear. You are a miracle; you are a gift! ~Cynthia Baute, Blacksburg, VA


A Tremendous Gift: What a tremendous gift I have received! I feel I have my life back … and love and radiance! I’m sure this was created just for me. Right time, right place, right people. I can hardly believe the change I feel. Eternally grateful! ~Kim Larsen, Renton, WA

Juicy Retreat: What a beautiful, juicy retreat you created! I am deeply grateful to you. ~Lori Merrill-Fink, Carbondale, IL


Insightful & Grounding Presence: I experienced Lotus to be a caring and effective coordinator. She provided an insightful and grounding presence. ~Robert Silber, Founder of Kipuka Temple Community and ConsciousSensuality.com, Big Island, HI

Share Love: Lotus’ retreat was an excellent opportunity to grow and share in a loving environment.~Linda Arena, Oakland, CA

Discover Your Inner Wilderness: Lotus of the Desert, thank you for sharing such a wonderful adventure into the known and into the unknown; into the wilderness of the desert and into the wilderness of my mind. You have helped me contemplate on several things I have not been willing to consider on my own. May you continue to guide others with your special insight and loving spirit. ~Vivian Aldridge, San Francisco, CA



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