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Empowered Awakening: Lover Unfurled

Women are the most beautiful embodiment of empowered awakening. We breathe life into the world with the heave of our body, sing the sacred into song with our soul, and heal the deepest of wounds with our boundless heart. Our … Continue reading

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Hope for Our World

I begin this new day with an awareness of the differences between Scarcity Woman and Prospering Woman and the ways these two inner aspects operate, affect my perspective, and drive what manifests in my life. The inner Goddess of Power … Continue reading

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Sweet Ache: Present Moment Poetry

When the sweet ache of being alive, lodged between who you are and who you will be, is awakened, befriend this moment. It will guide you. Its sweetness is what holds you. Its ache is what moves you on. ~Mark … Continue reading

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