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How to Become Open Collaborative

Alpha Lo is a brilliant and becoming social architect and a colleague in Gift Economy circles. He writes Open Collaboration Blog: we are birthing a new we. The blog is an intertwining of his ideas on open collaboration with the … Continue reading

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Simple Joy of Being Enough

With intention, mindfulness, nourishing practices, and support from James Baraz’ Awakening Joy course, I am experiencing a gradual deepening into a lovely, womanly well of … well being, ease, delight, empathy, self-love, gratitude, balance, intuition and insight, sweet contentment. There, … Continue reading

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From Valentine’s Day to Validation Day

“As we become more inwardly free from our conditioning and our fears, the love and connection that are possible in relationships tend to flow through us more naturally. As our defenses are lowered, our heart opens, and there is a … Continue reading

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Walking the Tight Rope

A sister coach in my Retreat Coaches Network asked a question on our e-list yesterday: Where is the balance between giving of ourselves and our expertise for FREE with still needing to earn a living while running a business practice? … Continue reading

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Mothering in the 21st Century

Another Mother’s Day has come and gone and brought with it a great subject for contemplation. Think about that word “mother” for a moment. It can bring up a wealth of thoughts, feelings, memories, social and gender conditioning, and expectations, … Continue reading

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