Radical Self-Care

She EarthWalks Her Womanly, Healer’s Path

of Radical Self-Care.

She is Committed to Nurturance and Guardianship:

For Gaia, Me, You, All Our Relations,

and the Future Ones.


“Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before, how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way, and that so many things that one goes worrying about are of no importance whatsoever….”  —Isak Dinesen


Toward Radical Self-Care: A Healer’s Spiritual Journey

A health crisis in early 2010 brought a multitude of unexpected changes and surprises to Lotus’ life. She embarked upon a long healing sabbatical that concluded almost two years later in early 2012, when she slowly returned to work on Femme Fire Productions.

Lotus traversed the unfamiliar terrain of serious illness and hospitalization to the development of a higher Inner Joy & Peace IQ©. She now enjoys a greater degree of integrated health in mind-body-spirit, together with trust, faith, playfulness, happiness, contentment, and inner peace. Yes, she and her life are far from perfect; and sometimes she still encounters the shadow times and resultant human emotions of sorrows, grief, anger. We all face the changes, losses, and inner struggles that are a natural part of our lives. One’s attitude, perspective and response to the challenges is what makes the most difference, and dramatically so, as Lotus testifies.

“I Am Enough” Hand Mirror (prototype for series; hand-etched 4″ mirror)

Conditioning & Systems from the Dominant Culture Create Dis-ease

At times, it is very challenging to overcome and un-learn the lessons from cultural conditioning, such as the Protestant work ethic to tirelessly work long hours and produce, produce in order to be a good, worthy person! To compensate for the cultural conditioning of lack and the belief that we are not good enough just as we are, we must work and purchase more. The story is that doing so will make us feel good enough — smell sweet enough, look young enough, be smart enough, and rich enough — and that we’ll also mend the damage, fill the holes and gaps left in our lives as a result of following tenets, customs and beliefs of the story that pollutes our home.

That conditioning doesn’t serve our well being nor our higher purpose. It is the old way from the mechanized, materialistic, consumerist Dominator Culture, the Industrial-Growth Society, now in its beginning death throes as we face, together, the Great Turning into a Life-Sustaining Age. Simply being human born with natural, inherent goodness on this gorgeous planet Earth is enough in and of herself. Remember this truth. It will serve you well.

photo: Dreamstime.com

A Healer Be

This spiral journey is an ongoing, experiential process of discovery and transformation. It is a growth opportunity to work the existential edges and find the deeper meaning of life. It has taught Lotus the value of embracing and embodying a womanly path of Radical Self-Care.

In order to heal herself, she has awakened to her Inner Healer and her healer’s way of gentleness and compassion. She cheers Lotus onward into vision, movement, and an expansive territory of unlimited possibilities, while also heeding the whisper to simply BE a beloved guardian to herself and to REST and RETREAT often to nourish herself.

© Linda Bucklin | Dreamstime.com

30-Day Radical Self-Care Challenge Program Starts in January 2013

There are many steps and practices on this path that does not have an end destination. It’s a very personal journey. It goes on as long as we go on, and it changes as we age and change. The map includes a wealth of individual choice points, and the journey will be unique for each adventurer.

Would you like to discover more about radical self-care? Do you want to learn and integrate the practices that will lead you to higher levels of inner peace, well being, abundance and joy?

Lotus and Femme Fire Productions wish to share some of the amazing gifts and discoveries with you. You’re invited to join us and choose Radical Self-Care. You deserve it!

You can boost your commitment to nurturing yourself (and, by extension, everyone and everything around you) by choosing to embark upon this 30-day challenge program as an initial step. This new program will begin in January 2013, and we’ll post the details for signing up in early December. So mark your calendar and check back then, if you would like to participate.



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