She Carries Me

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She Carries Me is a beautiful dharma song about Kuan Yin Bodhisattva by Jennifer Berezan. For me, Source is beyond duality of female and male; and, generally speaking, my sense of faith and trust stems from my own internal empowerment and agency, while recognizing my human fragility and vulnerability. That said, I relate best to female deities, since I am a woman; and I appreciate that She helps undo some of the painful oppression of the overbearing, punishing Father-God residing in the dogma of many religions and the foundation / roots of our obviously sick and unjust patriarchal mainstream society in America.

I find multiple layers of meaning implicit in the words of this song and give thanks for the Beloved She within and for the lovely Jennifer Berezan. This is a song of aspiration, peace and trust. Kuan Yin is, of course, me and you, the Bodhisattva within for some of us, the dharma (or teachings of knowledge and truth), and the path toward home. We need more trust in this world, for sure.

“She is a boat, she is a light
High on a hill in dark of night
She is a wave, she is the deep
She is the dark where angels sleep
When all is still and peace abides
She carries me to the other side,
She carries me to the other side…
And though I walk through valleys deep
And shadows chase me in my sleep
On rocky cliffs I stand alone
I have no name, I have no home
With broken wings I reach to fly
She carries me to the other side,
She carries me to the other side…
A thousand arms, a thousand eyes
A thousand ears to hear my cries
She is the gate, she is the door
She leads me through and back once more
When day has dawned and death is nigh
She’ll carry me to the other side,
She carries me to the other side…
She is the first, she is the last
She is the future and the past,
Mother of all, of earth and sky
She carries me to the other side,
She carries me to the other side…”
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Lennon Love Vibrations

Business & Finance

John Lennon

It’s a Lennon Love Day in this little piece of heaven on Earth by the San Francisco Bay. Remembering John Lennon and how his message has had a huge influence on my life. I watch the wheels go round and round, raise love vibration easy with John in my heart, his spirit dancing with me here, as I share a few of my favorite songs.

It occurs to me that Lennon would not have taken the directions he did in his art without Yoko Ono as his creative collaborator because she is the one who was holding world peace in her vision long before she met him. It is part of what attracted him to her, and that shared vision (and underlying values base) is also what held them together in a co-creative love bond. At 80, she is still carrying and working for this strong vision, with their son by her side as creative manager.

Taking a break from the morning’s work of sorting through papers and reorganizing my filing systems … feeling lighter and lighter by the moment. You’re invited to join me in a Lennon Love Vibration Mini-Retreat.

“Yes is the answer, and you know that for sure. Yes is surrender. You gotta let it… you gotta let it go. Love is the answer, and you know that for sure. Love is a flower, you got to let it grow”

Mind Games:

Watching the Wheels:


Instant Karma!:




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Damsel-Dragon Meme

I heard through the grapevine this morning a new meme that I’ve revised slightly and dub the Damsel-Dragon Meme.

It tickles me and resonates because of its fiery connotations for cultural change. It’s all about women’s empowerment and turning an old, useless fairy tale meme upside down… something I generally enjoy doing.

Do not fashion me as a little maiden that needs saving from the dragon. I am the fiery dragon, and I will eat you whole in flames.




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Dissent as Thinking: Dare to Disagree

Gratitude to Daily Good and the ServiceSpace community for inspiration (and affirmation) today that good disagreement stemming from diverse perspectives within relationships is central to progress in personal as well as societal growth (and needed healing to bridge gaps between vision and reality).

It’s true that most of us instinctively avoid conflict that leads to important growth… meaning allowing our boats to be rocked (or intentionally rocking them ourselves) and upsetting the status quo into CHANGE. Change can be very challenging and taxing, and also oh so wonderful. Testify!

Yet, as Margaret Heffernan illustrates (sometimes counterintuitively) in this TedX talk, the best partners aren’t echo chambers and are willing to be fearless and kind in offering us their dissenting voice — and how great research teams, relationships and businesses allow people to deeply disagree. Some of our best leaders are not afraid to wake up, stand up and give the shout out on things happening in our lives that many of us would rather not look at, let alone name and give voice to. There are usually consequences, yes?

Below are a few salient snippets from the talk, and it’s worth listening to her entire presentation for sure.

4:55      So for 25 years Alice Stewart had a very big fight on her hands. So, how did she know that she was right? Well, she had a fantastic model for thinking. She worked with a statistician named George Kneale, and George was pretty much everything that Alice wasn’t. So, Alice was very outgoing and sociable, and George was a recluse. Alice was very warm, very empathetic with her patients. George frankly preferred numbers to people. But he said this fantastic thing about their working relationship. He said, “My job is to prove Dr. Stewart wrong.” He actively sought disconfirmation. Different ways of looking at her models, at her statistics, different ways of crunching the data in order to disprove her. He saw his job as creating conflict around her theories. Because it was only by not being able to prove that she was wrong, that George could give Alice the confidence she needed to know that she was right.

4:55      It’s a fantastic model of collaboration — thinking partners who aren’t echo chambers. I wonder how many of us have, or dare to have, such collaborators. Alice and George were very good at conflict. They saw it as thinking.

5:21      So what does that kind of constructive conflict require? Well, first of all, it requires that we find people who are very different from ourselves. That means we have to resist the neurobiological drive, which means that we really prefer people mostly like ourselves, and it means we have to seek out people with different backgrounds, different disciplines, different ways of thinking and different experience, and find ways to engage with them. That requires a lot of patience and a lot of energy.

5:57      And the more I’ve thought about this, the more I think, really, that that’s a kind of love. Because you simply won’t commit that kind of energy and time if you don’t really care. And it also means that we have to be prepared to change our minds.

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Sustainable Is Possible: Creating Low Carbon, High Quality Lives Together

MaikweI’m pleased to announce that Ma’ikwe Ludwig of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage will be presenting public talks and workshops in the Bay Area early in March as part of her national speaking tour! You’re invited to please join us at any or all of these events. All donations will go directly to support Dancing Rabbit’s nonprofit.

passionasbigasaplanetMa’ikwe is a pioneering sustainability educator, who, in addition to her work as Dancing Rabbit Inc.’s Executive Director, is head of Ecovillage Education US, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Fellowship for Intentional Community. Her work integrates ecological, economic, social, political and personal approaches, leading to a strongly holistic view of what it takes to truly be sustainable. Ma’ikwe is the author of Passion as Big as a Planet: Evolving Eco-Activism in America.



Mon March 2 @ 7 pm @ Sebastopol Grange, 6000 Sebastopol Rd (Hwy 12), SEBASTOPOL and

Wed March 4 @ 7 pm @ East Bay Media Center, 1939 Addison St., BERKELEY

An evening with Ma’ikwe Ludwig, presenting “Sustainable is Possible: Creating Low Carbon, High Quality Lives Together”

The presentation focuses on how we can achieve the goal of living on 10% of the resources of the average American while living a high quality life. This number is critical because it matches current estimates from the scientific community for the goals we need to achieve to live sustainably and head off the worst effects of climate disruption. Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is achieving that goal, and thus is a timely, relevant and needed model as our society struggles to figure out what a livable, low-carbon future might look like. Q and A will follow the talk.

$10 suggested donation

Sat March 7: Starting a Sustainable Community Workshop @ The Finnish Hall, 1970 Chestnut Street, BERKELEY

Cooperation is a key element of sustainability, and a sense of community is critical for our well-being as humans. Many people feel drawn to a particular version of community: the residential intentional community. This workshop draws on years of knowledge from community founders, and Ma’ikwe’s own 18 years of cooperative living, including three community start-ups, to lay out the most important considerations for making a new community a success.

Blending practical advice with opportunities for self-reflection, this workshop can help you set your feet on the right path for your group to thrive. Topics will include:

– creating a good vision statement
– what successful founders have in common
– the relationship between decision-making, conflict resolution and membership process
– 15 spectrums that help define what kind of a community you are creating
– social dynamics you need to know about
– economic choices and their implication for sustainability and group cohesion
– what you should and shouldn’t freak out about
– key questions for making your community a sustainable one

This workshop is a full-day format starting at 9am and ending at 5pm.



Sun March 8: Encountering Climate Change Workshop @ PLACE for Sustainable Living, 1121 64th St, OAKLAND

Climate Disruption is the most urgent challenge of our time, and yet many of us are struggling with overwhelm, paralysis and a deep desire to simply check out in the face of it all. How do we even respond to something so big and fundamental, and with such huge unknowns? How do we work through the fear, anger, sadness and even guilt that come up for many of us when we try to think about the coming changes?

This full-day workshop features the following exercises and explorations:

– Joanna Macy-inspired witnessing and moving through emotional blockages
– Resting in compassion for the world and self
– Reconnecting with nature and understanding what is at stake
– Acting on behalf of what we love, and listening for what needs to happen
– Personal choices in the face of climate change
– How we relate to political and economic actions
– Holding space for others

This workshop is a full-day format starting at 9am and ending at 5pm.


Want a taste of Ma’ikwe now? Check out her 21013 TedX Talk …

More info about the tour:

These events co-produced by Femme Fire Productions  with assistance from East Bay Cohousing.


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Future First: Tomorrow Is In Our Hands

As the United States continues to move closer to becoming a corporate police state ruled by greedy capitalists (like the Koch Brothers) and their corporations / stockholders hungry to capitalize on precious resources and subjugate our peoples (thanks to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (2010)), I wonder and ask …


Who will care for the welfare of future generations?

Who will stand up for the survival of all our relations in the animal and plant realms?

What will become of those less fortunate? Or to our First World relations, who are most feeling the initial effects of climate change?

The rapid extinction of species matters. According to a recent report by the London Zoological Society in its new Living Planet Index, the global loss of species is worse than previously thought and suggests that populations have halved in the past 40 years (i.e, in our lifetimes!).

Flowers & Trees

Yellow Flowers Bee

If we lose our  precious pollinators, what will become of our food supply?

Two thirds of the crops humans use for food production and the majority of wild plant species depend on pollination by insects such as bees and hover-flies. This ecosystem service, however, provided by nature to humans for free, is increasingly failing. ~Science Daily

Can we end our addiction to fossil fuels and materialism before it’s too late?

These are urgent concerns. Our world is in crisis. Most of us feel this. It can be overwhelming to look at and integrate the pain. Yet, in looking, facing and integrating the truth of what is happening to our world and our pain, we are then able to empower ourselves to move forward and work on behalf of what we love.

This is where a community of people who share your concerns, listen and hear your voice, see and support your efforts to make positive growth and change is crucial. We all need community. These days we need to be intentional about creating and nurturing connection, community and a sense of belonging in our lives in order to mitigate the isolation, alienation, depression and suicide so prevalent in our culture now.


Perhaps this is the most important question to ask ourselves.

What actions can I take, even if they are very small actions, to honor life?

How can I change my life to reflect a greater integrity with my value of cherishing and valuing all of life and to work for its preservation?

What will it take for me to become a positive force for change and to support the empowerment of other change-makers?


It’s up to us to take personal responsibility and make the changes demanded of us by our consciences. It is a moral imperative. It’s up to you and me to take a stand on behalf of our beautiful planet, all of our relations, and future generations.

Future First: The Women’s Congress for Future Generations cares deeply about these concerns and questions. On November 6-9, 2014, women leaders, scholars, activists, writers, artists, mothers, musicians, daughters, grandmothers — sisters from many different backgrounds — are converging in Minneapolis for the second Women’s Congress. They intend to continue the important, collective work of crafting the Declaration of Rights Held by Future Generations. They will speak to these questions and crucial issues of collective liberation, social justice, climate change and climate justice, the preservation of species and more.

Who should attend? Everyone yearning to make a difference! Your voice is needed. You can register here. All are welcome.

Together, we can work to create and sustain a world in which we and generations to come can thrive. It’s going to take every one of us!

Unless something unexpected happens to help me get there, I will not be able to attend the Congress because I do not have the resources. However, I will definitely be there in spirit and doing all I can to support this important work. I urge all of you who can attend to make it so.

Or look for other ways that you can make a contribution to this important work.


Need inspiration to move forward?

Listen, watch and dance to Coco Love Alcorn’s fabulous song “Revolution” here …


Neil Young shared with Democracy Now! an acoustic solo recording of his new song, “Who’s Gonna Stand Up” (previously unreleased), a Climate Anthem for our times.
Listen here.

Who’s Gonna Stand Up

Protect the wild, tomorrow’s child
Protect the land from the greed of man
Take down the dams, stand up to oil
Protect the plants, and renew the soil

Who’s gonna stand up and save the earth?
Who’s gonna say that she’s had enough?
Who’s gonna take on the big machine?
Who’s gonna stand up and save the earth?
This all starts with you and me

Damn the dams, save the rivers
Starve the takers and feed the givers
Build a dream, save the world
We’re the people known as earth

Who’s gonna stand up and save the earth?
Who’s gonna say that she’s had enough?
Who’s gonna take on the big machine?
Who’s gonna stand up and save the earth?
This all starts with you and me

Ban fossil fuel, draw the line
Before we build, one more pipeline
Ban fracking now, save the waters
And build a life, for our sons and daughters

Who’s gonna stand up and save the earth?
Who’s gonna say that she’s had enough?
Who’s gonna take on the big machine?
Who’s gonna stand up and save the earth?
This all starts with you and me

Who’s gonna stand up
Who’s gonna stand up
Who’s gonna stand up
Who’s gonna stand up
Who’s gonna stand up


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Completions, Wonder & Emergence

Flowers & Trees

And forget not that the earth

delights to feel your bare feet

and the winds long to play

with your hair.

~Khalil Gibran

Our lives in seasonal flow embrace this autumnal time as one of wind, change, letting go, and sometimes new beginnings. It is a time of contemplation, as I slowly turn pages to end important chapters of my life in preparation for dynamic change, emergence, and fresh movements, following a long chapter of mourning and coming to terms with significant losses.

The past several months have been focused on inner healing and clearing the decks, freeing up my time and energy for what is wanting to emerge. There is a sense of release into a spacious interior room swept clean by storms and strong gusts of wind. This room is in my heart and resonates with connection … to Spirit … to beloved kin … to the pulsations, draws and pulls from Gaia’s cosmic web of life.


In the midst of this internal decluttering process, Coach Helene Van Manen invited me to do a recorded interview for her Conversations with Wise Women series about my years living at The Farm Community in Tennessee (2000-06). She also wrote a lovely blog post — “How The Farm in Tennessee Changed Lives.”

This conversation helped me to see my years at The Farm with a clearer perspective and also to finally find closure to that chapter of my life. Those experiences, work and lessons in right livelihood and good love are cherished, and someday I will go back to The Farm to visit friends and touch base again. The Farm Chapter is complete with this letting go.

I’m moving on from the past into mindful living in the present in Oakland, California with greater energetic aliveness. I have work that I am called to do here now. In releasing what was before and making a peaceful closure within, this better enables me to:

  • come more present to experience each precious moment now with a greater degree of wild aliveness,
  • see more clearly what needs to be done without an agenda or attachment to a particular outcome,
  • hear the voice of Source within guiding me to the next action steps, and
  • be open, allowing, compassionate and responsive.

Onward into October and emergence! I wonder. What will arise, become and expand? I intuit big changes on the horizon. Feels awesome to experience release of blockages and stuck places, step back into creative flow, and to be writing and sharing in my blog again.


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Seven Emergent Questions in Giftivism

nipun_meditatingNipun Mehta, a friend and colleague in ServiceSpace community circles, recently returned from a four-month journey through India sharing Giftivism. He wrote an inspiring blog post sharing his travel stories about seven emergent questions that came up during his visit, and I’m sharing those questions and nuggets of wisdom here, together with an awesome, recent interview with Nipun about his trip (and life) at the end. Enjoy!Movie Passengers (2016)

Where do we find Gandhi today?

“What rises up like a fountain, will return in the form of many distributed drops,” Vinoba used to say.  That’s what we’re seeing today.  We call it “Gandhi 3.0,” where Gandhi stands for the age-old principle of leading with inner transformation and 3.0 represents the many-to-many networks that are popularized by the modern-day Internet.  It’s a bridge from the Internet to the Inner-Net.

Slowly they are building a new world, leading with the heart, but also engaging hands and head. They move to a different beat, with the common understanding that being the change, changes the being. This is the transformative force that can move worlds. The work is slow and meticulous, like the formation of mountains. That’s a good thing, because while we build the road, the road builds us.

How do we build a social network of “noble friendships”?

“Noble friendships isn’t half of the path, it is the entire path,” Buddha said.  Living in a fast-paced world where “defriend” is a dictionary word, there’s a growing need for deeper ties.  Our Facebook friends are loose ties, our movie buddies are deep ties, but it is our service kin who can be noble friends.  Without sensitivity towards our inner resources, technology is blindly pushing us towards external, loose ties but many are now working to shift the center of gravity along that spectrum.

… [This network is] a field of gratitude and connection.  It’s a foundation on which we can build.  Post Hurricane Katrina, all man-made structures were annihilated but centuries old oak trees survived — because of their intricate network of inter-connected roots, sometimes for a hundred miles. That takes time and it’s slow.  But it endures.

What does it mean to “lead with inner transformation”?

The crux of the matter is how sensitized we are to the connection between our internal transformation and external impact.  That becomes clear through practices.​ Those practices often become a way of life.

The intersection of personal and collective practices is also an open exploration.  Doing a prayer circle to start off a retreat or doing a group hug to close a circle is a collective practice.  In January, for instance, almost two dozen of us went together for a 10-day meditation retreat.  For many, even for those who had sat such courses before, the practice was significantly deeper because there was a sense of implicit encouragement from kin.

Similarly, volunteering together seems to have a multiplier effect on one’s inner transformation, too.

Conscious practices, in their thousand different varieties, help deepen one’s awareness and sensitize us to the profound connection between our inner and outer change.​

What does transformation-led impact look like?

Such impact is emergent, not predictive.  …  It depends on the context.  …  The point, though, is not to grasp the outcome but to trust in the values embedded in the process.  That subtle shift changes everything.

Once we get past the mild discomfort in not knowing the outcome, we arrive at the immense comfort in knowing that something is definitely emerging.  Hermann Hesse wrote, “Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.”

Wholesome values are generative. And like the seed, so the fruit.​

Leading with transformation, particularly in a “Gandhi 3.0” era, requires many shifts from leadership to laddership, from center to edges, from big to decentralized.  And from fast to slow, from shallow to deep, from efficiency to resiliency.  It’s a significantly different path, but you still arrive at impact.

What does it take for everyone to be a change-maker?

Each of our five fingers are different, but together they create an incredibly useful hand.  Many dream of a world where we can engage everyone’s diverse strengths and treat each as a change-maker.  Alas, holding such a vision within the construct of hierarchical organizing is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.  It requires an ecosystem, which takes time.

… [S]ervice doesn’t start when you have something to give, but rather when you have nothing left to take.   …  While traditional hierarchies are biased to externalize costs, ecosystems require ladders who externalize benefit.  Then, we have a field that can host everyone as a change-maker.

What is the shift from sympathy to empathy?

For many people, it’s unsettling to know Karma Kitchen isn’t set up to feed the hungry. We know that, as humanity, we produce enough food to ensure that no one goes hungry – but thousands still go hungry. Governments still dump grain in the ocean to protect the prices of their farmers.

The problem isn’t the food. It’s that we’ve become numb to the pain of others. That ever-widening gap between us and the others is the core of the issue. Sympathy is a noble feeling, but hasn’t been enough to solve the problems of our world. Where sympathy says, “I see your pain,” empathy says, “Your pain is my pain.”  It is a much deeper response, and we need spaces to cultivate that empathy.

We cannot afford to create a world where financial incentives are our primary motivation.  This goes for rich guys, poor guys and everyone in between.  Boxing the rich as funders can handicap their capacity as givers and limit other ripples from blooming.

Empathy is not just about sharing pain.  We also get to benefit from the merits of others, just as we share our smiles, joy, and compassion.

What is today’s “Charkha”?

Gandhi had the spinning wheel, the charkha, which symbolized so much of his thinking.  In a distributed and decentralized “Gandhi 3.0” model, is there a spinning wheel?  Those are the kind of questions that Jayeshbhai and I ponder, in those rare moments of quiet that life grants us. 🙂  “I think today’s charkha is maitri.  What do you think?” he asked while sitting under a banyan tree once.  I agreed.  Maitri (or metta in Pali) is an internal vibration of love, that creates a field of deep connections, which then builds a matrix of inter connections where everyone’s offerings can flourish in a many-to-many gift ecology.  It is the plumbing for Gandhi 3.0. 🙂

As we genuinely do small acts of selflessness, it begets “maitri.” People express gratitude and offer their blessings.  Hundreds of times, people must have come to me in the last four months and thanked me for how “something ServiceSpace” served them in a meaningful way.  When an offering is made without any strings attached, it begets blessings, which then allows you to pay it forward with even greater vigor.  It creates a virtuous cycle.

All those little, and not so little, thank-you’s and many other silent ones which are only felt by the heart, is ultimately what sustains the movement.

That “maitri” creates the foundation for noble friendships. Falling into that field of security, detachment comes naturally. We then trust emergence. It’s that simple.  Dr. V called it “village intelligence.”

Noble friendships connected in good deeds: that was the essence of the whole trip.

Nipun Mehta is the founder of ServiceSpace (formerly CharityFocus).  In 2001, at the age of 25, Nipun quit his job to become a “full time volunteer.” Since then, his work has reached millions, he has received many prestigious awards, and has tirelessly addressed hundreds of gatherings in person. In 2005, Nipun and Guri, his wife of six months, embarked on a walking pilgrimage in India to “use our hands to do acts of kindness, use our heads to profile inspiring people, and use our hearts to cultivate truth.”  The 1000 kilometer walk radically deepened their commitment to service, and also was the subject of Nipun’s address at UPenn’s commencement in 2012.  Nipun’s mission statement in life reads: “Bring smiles in the world and stillness in my heart.”

Listen to Conversation:  On this wonderful Awakin Call, Nipun shares stories from his four month journey to India and his life. He also reflects upon the emergent theme of “Gandhi 3.0.”

lotusfieldGreat gratitude to brother love warrior Nipun for sharing his stories and wisdom.

May we pay the gift forward.


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Hummingbird Day

looking down the palm tree driveway toward entrance by greenkozi

looking down the palm tree driveway toward entrance by greenkozi

This afternoon I walked with my companion dogs Jimmy and Alice to one of our favorite destinations in the neighborhood just a long block away — Central Reservoir Park, a sweet diamond in the rough. It’s a public park without a sign or any real indication that it’s there, other than a chain-link fence with a gate. Yet, it’s an urban sanctuary with a small and beautiful redwood grove, large baseball field, and a long path lined with majestic palm trees.Movie Carol (2015)

No one was there, as is typically true. Being with the green grass and trees freshened from the rains, this special place is a quiet oasis in which to reconnect with elemental nature and to practice walking meditation. The dogs love it because they enjoy some off-leash time.

Hummingbird the Green
Danny Perez Photography / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

On the way home not far from the park, we found a green hummingbird with a red throat and white belly (like the one in this picture) lying on the sidewalk. At first glance, it looked dead; but I knelt down and looked closer and saw it appeared to be stunned. I picked it up, and it’s little heart was beating fast and still very much alive. I had just passed a house where a grandfather was out in the yard with his two granddaughters. They had waved and said “hello” so I took it to show them. Instinctively, I knew that the old man would know what to do. He cupped it gently in his hands and smiled into my eyes reassuringly. He said he thought the little hummingbird felt too cold, so they would put it on a little blanket and warm it. It was a special gift to rescue and hold this tiny creature in my hands today. Tonight I say a little prayer to the Universe that it lives to fly and pollinate tomorrow.

Summer Story

When the hummingbird
sinks its face
into the trumpet vine,
into the funnels

of the blossoms
and the tongue
leaps out
and throbs,

I am scorched
to realize once again
how many small, available things
are in this world

that aren’t
pieces of gold
or power——-
that nobody owns

or could but even
for a hillside of money—–
that just float
in the world,

or drift over the fields,
or into the gardens,
and into the tents of the vines,
and now here I am

spending my time,
as the saying goes,
watching until the watching turns into feeling,
so that I feel I am myself

a small bird with a terrible hunger,
with a thin beak probing and dipping
and a heart that races so fast

it is only a heart beat ahead of breaking——
and I am the hunger and the assuagement,
and also I am the leaves and the blossoms,
and, like them, I am full of delight, and shaking.

Mary Oliver

Without Johnson, arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL, Stafford and Co on the offensive side of the ball have struggled, but the Lions sit at 5 2, top of the NFC North, thanks to one of the most dominant defences in the league. The defence had been a weakness for the club in recent seasons, with Stafford and Johnson often called upon to bail them out.18. Seattle Mariners (13 11) Mariner pitching has the team just a half game out of first place in the AL West. Their 80 runs allowed on the season is 2nd best in the wholesale football jerseys American League and is a big reason why they could be a potential playoff contender just a year after falling short Fake Oakleys Sale of high expectations. (LWR 20)So there are kinds that have a lot of cushioning, that will give you more comfort and support. And then there are others that have less cushioning and they just have less of a profile. So that’s something to think about. Adjustable nose strap, that’s another thing. Some people have a wider nose bridge, some people really small. Mr. RAFFERTY: You have to understand that he had been in the Marine Corps, and he’d landed at Guam and Iwo Jima, and he’d lost a lot of friends in the war, and he’d lost his older brother. And I said, dad, how did you like the game? And he looked me in the eye, and he said, worst day of my life.And, you know, I think, you know, just the importance of Cheap NFL Jerseys looking for the signs and the symptoms. You know, years ago you might take a big hit, and you know, a kid may come off and be a little bit shaky, and things, you know, would just go on in a ballgame and you not really understand some of the things that you’re looking for, that you need cheap jordan to really hold this person out.When the heat and sweat accumulated during the long hours of intense double session football practices (or actual games) mount, your football receiving gloves will certainly take quite an NFL Jerseys China expected beating. Whether as a result of your own sweat and perspiration or because of relentless contact with dirt, grass, and any other playing surface imaginable, your receiving gloves will require continual tending to in order to ensure that they maintain usability. While prices will vary for gloves dependent upon how they are marketed, it is important to take notice of how the manufacture suggests that your gloves be washed. Because Oakley Sunglasses Outlet of different materials used, the manufacturer of your set of football receiving gloves may strong caution against machine washing due to the fact that the material used could shrink or the gripping itself could wear away. Because you will rely on your glove’s gripping to help you catch footballs, it is certainly not a good thing if your machine washing ends up hurting your gloves rather than helping them.
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A Mug Suitable for a Queen

One of my greatest joys in life is working with clay and glazes to create hand-built ceramic pieces. Here is my newest creation “A Mug Suitable for a Queen” commissioned by a friend. Lately I’ve been into making these unusually large mugs.

A Regal 6" Tall and 4.5" Wide with Butterfly Medallions at Base of Handle on both sides

A Regal 6″ Tall and 4.5″ Wide with Butterfly Medallions at Base of Handle on both sides

Front of the Mug

Front of the Mug

Handle with Purple Stars (for my friend Jean Star)

Handle with Purple Stars (for my friend Jeannie Star)

Super Beautiful Turquoise Ice Glazing on Interior of Mug

Super Beautiful Turquoise Ice Glazing on Interior of Mug

Virgil is one of my ceramics mentors. He is passionate about making beads, which he strings into necklaces and bracelets. He is very knowledgeable about ceramics and helps everyone who works in the studio. Virgil handles most of the firing chores.

Clay Mentor Virgil with his Handmade Beads, Necklaces & Heads

Clay Mentor Virgil with his Handmade Beads, Necklaces & Heads

Our studio is highly cooperative. We share glazes in a glaze cooperative and everyone chips in on the expense. This way we have a large variety of glazes to choose from. Our big, old kiln was donated many years ago and still works great. Note the flame under the lid and temperature of firing!

Kiln Flames Showing Under Lid

Kiln Flames Showing Under Lid



My buddy Sweet Grass likes to make large bowls for gifts for her family and friends.


Retsie is an amazing artist in both ceramics and oil painting. She also has great fashion sense.


Steve likes to make abstract sculptures.





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