Clay Artivism

Unique Hand-Built Ceramic Art Expressions by Lotus

At Home in the Intersection of Poetry, Art & Activism,

She EarthWalks Her Retreat Path of Radical Self-Care.

She Celebrates and Honors the Myriad Gifts of Life.

To make it possible for you to conveniently receive pieces, we are in the process of developing online stores (on Femme Fire and Etsy), so please check back often. In the meantime, if there is a piece that you are interested in, send Lotus an inquiry to Lotus[at]FemmeFire[dot]com and she will ship it to you. Thank you for your patronage.

“Be Love Joy” Fertility Mirror 11.5″ x 6″ w/ Hand-Etched Mirror (4″ diameter)

Maiden Mother Crone Trio (SOLD)

“Tribute to Casa de Paz” (11″x9″ clay tile – GIFTED)

“Talking Stick” (GIFTED)

“Stand Tall” clay figure (9″ – SOLD)

“Stand Tall Pregnant” clay figure (9″)

“Reach for the Apple” sculpture (12″)

Ahimsa Grattiude

Ahimsa Grattiude


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