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She Carries Me

She Carries Me is a beautiful dharma song about Kuan Yin Bodhisattva by Jennifer Berezan. For me, Source is beyond duality of female and male; and, generally speaking, my sense of faith and trust stems from my own internal empowerment … Continue reading

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Lennon Love Vibrations

John Lennon It’s a Lennon Love Day in this little piece of heaven on Earth by the San Francisco Bay. Remembering John Lennon and how his message has had a huge influence on my life. I watch the wheels go … Continue reading

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Damsel-Dragon Meme

I heard through the grapevine this morningĀ a new meme that I’ve revised slightly and dub the Damsel-Dragon Meme. It tickles me and resonates because of its fiery connotations for cultural change. It’s all about women’s empowerment and turning an old, … Continue reading

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Dissent as Thinking: Dare to Disagree

Gratitude to Daily Good and the ServiceSpace community for inspiration (and affirmation) today that good disagreement stemming from diverse perspectives within relationships is central to progress in personal as well as societal growth (and needed healing to bridge gaps between … Continue reading

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Sustainable Is Possible: Creating Low Carbon, High Quality Lives Together

I’m pleased to announce that Ma’ikwe Ludwig of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage will be presenting public talks and workshops in the Bay Area early in March as part of her national speaking tour! You’re invited to please join us at any … Continue reading

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Future First: Tomorrow Is In Our Hands

As the United States continues to move closer to becoming a corporate police state ruled by greedy capitalists (like the Koch Brothers) and their corporations / stockholders hungry to capitalize on precious resources and subjugate our peoples (thanks to the … Continue reading

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Completions, Wonder & Emergence

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~Khalil Gibran Our lives in seasonal flow embrace this autumnal time as one of wind, change, letting go, and … Continue reading

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Seven Emergent Questions in Giftivism

Nipun Mehta, a friend and colleague in ServiceSpace community circles, recently returned from a four-month journey through India sharing Giftivism. He wrote an inspiring blog post sharing his travel stories about seven emergent questions that came up during his visit, … Continue reading

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Hummingbird Day

looking down the palm tree driveway toward entrance by greenkozi This afternoon I walked with my companion dogs Jimmy and Alice to one of our favorite destinations in the neighborhood just a long block away — Central Reservoir Park, a … Continue reading

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A Mug Suitable for a Queen

One of my greatest joys in life is working with clay and glazes to create hand-built ceramic pieces. Here is my newest creation “A Mug Suitable for a Queen” commissioned by a friend. Lately I’ve been into making these unusually … Continue reading

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