Femme Fire Productions promotes and fosters a Life-Serving Age through the written word, art, digital media, life coaching, and Lotus Peace Retreats.

Joanna Macy & The Great Turning

Femme Fire Productions has been significantly influenced by the work of the spiritual visionary and systems theorist Joanna Macy. Lotus has participated in Joanna’s intensive training in the “Work That Reconnects,” which is coupled with David Korten‘s theory of The Great Turning.

Femme Fire fosters and promotes the transition of The Great Turning to a Life-Sustaining Age. Lotus assists women and social-change leaders in becoming effective change-agents, so we may work together to successfully make the transition to a compassionate, sustainable future for our children, future ancestors, and all our relations.

Lotus Allen is the visionary and creator of Femme Fire Productions.

She brings her unique perspective, alternative background and life experiences to the creation, play, and work of her practice. Like you, she is a masterpiece of human complexity and evolutionary design, so this is only a small piece of her story.

Lotus is a woman-centered, radical eco-feminist, mother, and social entrepreneur working for a sustainable future of empowered women. She believes in and honors the sacred divine feminine and grandmother wisdom. She supports women and girls, activists, and social-change leaders in reaching for empowerment, prosperity consciousness, unlimited possibilities and their fully awakened potential.

)0(     Passions & Interests     )0(

Intentional Community: One of Lotus’ deepest passions is building community by calling people into intimate community circles to retreat, share, heal, celebrate, and be renewed in rest, creativity, and inspiration. She brings over 30 years of experience in cooperative, sustainable living within rural and urban intentional communities.

Videography: Lotus has traveled extensively as a community networker and has visited numerous communities across the United States. Lotus apprenticed and provided background support for the documentary “Visions of Utopia: Experiments in Sustainable Culture,” produced by Geoph Kozeny (1950-2007) and released in 2007 posthumously in it’s completed 2-CD set by the Fellowship for Intentional Community.

Lotus is a member, videographer and producer at Berkeley Community Media — a public access, “non-commercial forum for local citizens, educational institutions and government entities to exercise their first amendment right of freedom of speech.” During ’09-10, she was a member volunteer of the Fabled Asp Camera Crew and worked on numerous video productions to capture the stories of Bay Area women activists.

Radio Show: Lotus produces Femme Fire Radio & TeleSeries — your place for stimulating consciousness raising. We cover an array of informative, fascinating and juicy topics in our shows … all pertaining to awakening and raising consciousness. While she has been taking a sabbatical from producing Femme Fire Radio, she anticipates broadcasts will resume in late 2011.

Healer & Coach: Lotus is a Highly Sensitive Person, intuitive empath, energy worker and healer. She has trained in Reiki and Healing Touch modalities. Her healer’s gift —  in combination with her mindfulness, empathy & compassion, gentleness, passionate activism and elder’s wisdom — makes her an excellent Retreat Leader and Mentor.

Lotus has formally trained with Mentor Coach Helene Van Manen of Mountain Coaching/Retreat Coaches Network/Coach U and with Dave Buck of Coachville. She is a professional Retreat & Life Coach and a member of the Retreat Coaches Network and Coachville.

Indeed, coachness is an essential aspect of who Lotus is. For as long as she can remember, people (many of them strangers) have easily approached her to open their hearts and share their life stories, intuitively sensing her loving presence and ability to listen well and to offer empathy and support naturally.

Mediator & Peacekeeper: Lotus’ essential nature and spiritual path marry well with her interests and skills in mediation and peacekeeping, She practices Nonviolent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg), the art of listening, and co-creative group processes, including the art of consensus decision making.

Communication and small group process are two of her deepest passions. With over 30 years of experience within intentional community groups and nonprofits as a small group process facilitator  and a mediator, she continues to practice. Indeed, she learned early on within community that human conflict is an ingredient of a full, rich, growthful life and the ability to resolve conflicts is a much-needed skill in the world. She has mediated court-referred civil disputes and misdemeanors in her work at Mid South Mediation Services, along with interpersonal and romantic conflicts in community settings. One of her specialties is helping couples and family groups to seek and find mutual understanding and peace.

She trained with Mary Ellen Bowen to receive her mediator certification from Mid-South Mediation Services. She learned many of her facilitation skills working within the Fellowship for Intentional Community as a volunteer Board and Committee member from 2000-05. Additional learning and practice in facilitation was gained while she was a member of Sandhill Farm, under the group mentorship of co-founding member, Laird Schaub — a savvy group process facilitator and trainer known throughout the communities movement.

Other Studies & Credentials: Prior to becoming a mother and a social change activist, making the leap into intentional community living, and working for nonprofits, Coach Lotus devoted herself to a legal career for nearly 20 years. Her strong organizational skills and legal assistant background support her work in peace and justice.

Lotus has studied anthropology and Native American Earth traditions and spirituality. She is a shamanic practitioner, leads spirit quests, sweat lodges, and sacred rituals honoring the Four-Fold Way. She has also studied Goddess spirituality and Wicca, Paganism, and Oriental philosophies. Theology and philosophy, psychology and esoteric studies, are areas of lifelong interest and passion.

She studied at Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Missouri for undergraduate work in Biology, English/Creative Writing and Anthropology.

A lifelong learner, Lotus continues to study and build upon her skills with various research, training courses and certifications, including staying current with First Aid/CPR certification.

The Path of Buddhism & A Shambhala Warrior with Divine Feminine Twist: Lotus is a practicing Buddhist and Shambhala warrior; she follows the spiritual path of the compassionate bodhisattva. She was given the name “Pema Dolkhar” (or “Lotus White Tara”) when she participated in a refuge ceremony with Tibetan Lama Lodu Rinpoche of Kagyu Droden Kunchab lineage and the Center for the Study and Practice of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism in San Francisco. The name means Goddess of Love and Compassion, and it is definitely a name and path to gradually grow into and learn to walk comfortably and confidently upon.

Lotus also embraces her sacred womanhood and connection with the Divine Feminine. She embodies and invokes Wicca Goddess spirituality, aspects of the Native American wisdom tradition (part of her ancestral line) as well as other Indigenous Shamanic practices. The Goddess is Alive and Magick is Afoot!

Lotus thinks of her devotional practice as her yellow brick road leading her to exactly what she and the world perhaps need most: love and peace. In 1999, while on a pilgrimage to the west coast, she began using the name “Lotus” as a way to honor her path, inner voice, resonance with this particular flower, and an abiding passion for botany, gardens and flowers. Eventually this path led her to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006 and into the vision and mission of Femme Fire Productions.

)0(     The Circle is Complete     )0(

Lotus combines the theoretical stuff she has learned about collective living, ecological and cultural sustainability, transformative learning and change with her training and experience as a coach, group facilitator, vision quest guide, spiritual warrior and co-creative council leader. She then weaves it all together with a profound love of women / humanity, nature and Source Goddess interconnected web of life.

Lotus is a powerful and effective leader, your success partner and motivational catalyst for positive change. The circle of community is her home. Beautiful Gaia, Music, Poetry and Loving Connection sustain her along her Earth Walk. She is forever grateful.


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