The Power of Intention & Prayer / Chap. 11: Love & Marry Your Self

DSC07783Living with intention means that the fabric of your life is woven from the threads of your conscious choices. Each thread mirrors the level of your awareness at the moment of choice. We are all choosing in every moment, whether we realize it or not. Once you become fully aware of this, you can choose consciously and live intentionally.


An Intentional Life

This is the essence of an Intentional Life — you are living by choice, not by chance. By definition, it is conscious purpose and design, made or done and performed with clarity, purpose and intent. By accepting that your life is about choices, you are accepting responsibility for your life. Don’t let life just happen to you — make life happen! You will notice and feel an actual shift in energy, in your confidence, and in your posture when you do this.

To practice and notice outcomes, set an intention every morning and before doing things. When you set your intentions, the Universe rallies around it to make it happen. Your day is structured around your intentions. However, when you DON’T set an intention, the world sets it for you. Then other people and circumstances/ influences determine how your day goes. To set your intention is to claim your power.

I set my intentions for the day in the morning. I set my intentions at the beginning of each month and reassess them mid-month. When I am doing healing work or conducting a mediation to resolve conflict, I set my intention and also ask the client(s) to set their intention. I bring cooperative intentions of loving kindness to my relationships.

I usually set my intention before going to sleep at night. It goes something like this: “I set my intention to fall asleep peacefully and quickly, sleep deeply through the night, enjoy magical dreams with my healing guides to heal anything within me that needs to be healed. My intention is to release anything that may be holding me back, have Source fill me with abundant love, and to wake up in the morning rejuvenated and full of energy.” I keep a dream journal and sometimes set intentions about dream walking and record dreams upon waking.

DSC07723Self-Marriage Intentions/Commitments

One intention for marrying your Self is to acknowledge, affirm and celebrate your self-love. What will be your other intentions and commitments? How will you honor and commit to your Self, your Muse, your Beloved?

It’s important to spend time in your sacred space meditating upon these choices. Will you say these words to your Self and the Universe out loud? Would you prefer to write them down to keep and cherish? Will someone else read them? Give voice to your intentions and request support from the Universe in supporting and maintaining them.

Intentions are a very useful and important tool for your life. Use this tool often and allow your inner wisdom to guide you. You are continuously cultivating and growing your power to determine the quality of your life. Choose your intentions and commitments with contemplation and self-love.

Follow the call of the eaglePower of Prayer

Do you believe in the healing power of prayer? If so, you may wish to include prayer in your commitment ritual. What would you like to request in your prayer? Is there a favorite prayer you will use or will you make a new one just for this occasion? It doesn’t have to be a laid-out patent prayer; you can use words from your heart-mind.

The effectual fervent prayer is one with power behind it, one that produces results. We have to believe what we pray for in order for our prayers to carry power, not just ‘mouth’ the words. The power of prayer should not be underestimated. All you need do is ask for help and guidance, have faith and trust.

May bright blessings in abundant love rain down upon you.


  1. Think about your intentions, commitments, and prayers for your self-marriage ceremony. Choose. Do what needs to be done to prepare this aspect of ritual.
  2. Begin the practice of setting clear intentions in a way that works for you. Set your intention each morning before you begin your day. Do you also want to set an intention before you go to sleep? Note them in your journal and/or your morning pages in the beginning until this becomes habitual. Notice and track any changes within and without.
  1. Are there larger intentions you would like to set for the coming month? for the season? for the year? Use this amazingly effective tool for self-development and nurture your Intentional Life.
  1. Remember to drink water. Stick to your self-love practices.
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