Make Sacred Space / Chapter 10: Love & Marry Your Self

Chapter 10 / Make Sacred Space

Make sacred space to be reminded of who you are — You are Spirit embodied. Do you have a serene, sacred space or sanctuary in your home? Or a special place outdoors, where you go to retreat and spend time with your Beloved? This chapter is devoted to choosing and creating a sacred space for your life and for your wedding ceremony.

Make Sacred Space

Choose an area either within the interior of your home or nearby outdoors. It can be a room, a revamped garage, shed, closet, pantry or a tucked-away corner space away from the main traffic areas. Typically indoors makes your space more readily accessible and available; however, I like having both options available and thus have more than one sacred space. As always, choose what works best for you.

Clean your sacred space thoroughly. To clear your space of stagnant, unwanted energies, perform a ritual smudging (cleanse with smoke from burning sage). This should be repeated periodically after you begin using your sacred space. Give the walls in your space a fresh coat of paint, if needed.

Once your space is clean, cleared and free of clutter, spend some time there in solitude before you introduce any elements or furnishings. Think about what you love. Get in touch with each of your senses when you choose the furniture and decorative items to fill your space.

Smell, sight, sound, touch, taste are all important to honor by adding these elements. For visuals, decorate your space with mirrors, paintings, posters, altars, plants, and items of special significance to you. Bring in wind chimes, a water fountain, CDs and player, and musical instruments to create soothing sounds.

Delight your sense of smell with incense, scented candles, potpourri, or springs of fresh lavender. Honor touch by adding elements with a variety of textures, such as your favorite stuffed animal or teddy bear, crystals, feathers, sea shells, rocks, driftwood, carved statues. Choose a candy dish of peppermints, your favorite herbal teas or juices, the color red to stimulate your taste buds.

Bring in comfortable seating that pleases you. Choose from floor pillows or a mat, a rocking chair, an overstuffed arm chair, or a comfy chaise lounge to stretch out on. It’s especially healthful to bring fresh air and sunshine into your sacred space through a window, if that’s available. Or perhaps your space will be outdoors, with fresh air and sunlight surrounding you.

DSC07693Wedding Plans

Although you will typically spend time in your sacred space in solitude, this doesn’t necessarily hold true for your self-marriage ritual. Will you be alone during your ritual or would you like to invite guests? Would you prefer to perform the ritual yourself or do you want someone to act as priestess or minister?

Would you like to make your self-marriage ceremony extra festive and celebratory? I encourage you to do so! Think about what you would like to eat and drink that day. What are your favorite foods? Gift your Self with that delight and self-love.

Is there special music you would like? Do you want to dance and/or sing? Perhaps you are a musician and would prefer to play your instrument. What other props or items would you like to have available on this special day? Choose from flowers, dried grasses, a glittery wand, confetti… whatever rocks your world and makes you feel special and festive.

What would you like to do following your ritual? Will you go for a walk in the woods, write in your journal, spend time with friends, share a special celebratory meal with your inner Beloved? Do what makes your heart sing and brings you a sense of joy!


  1. Choose and make your sacred space. Decide if this will also be where you hold your self-marriage ritual. If not, choose and make the space of your wedding. Follow the suggestions above for cleansing and clearing the space, along with spending time there in meditation before you begin to decorate with various elements to honor all of your senses. If you already have a space created in your home, does it need cleaning, cleansing, refurbishing?
  1. Continue with your practices, write in your journal and your morning pages.
  1. Spend time dreaming and envisioning the setting and the energetic space for your wedding day. Write about it. Choose the different props, food, music, and everything else needed to complete your wedding plans. Decide whether you will be in solitude or will there be guests? Make up your guest list, if you desire viagra genericos.
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