Love & Marry Your Self Forever: Chapter 5

gaianguardian1Chapter 5 / Self-Love Manifestations

You are a gorgeous being of light, and you are worthy of abundant love and happiness. When you are fully tapped into love with the Beloved, you are in the best love affair of your life. Are you feeling the love? We will further explore self-care practices in today’s segment of your self-love journey.


Weekly Self-Love Date & Gift of Self-Appreciation

You are taking your Self, your creative Goddess inside, on a splendid date this week! Yay! And hopefully for most weeks for the remainder of your Earthwalk sharing love with / in Gaia. This is another self-love activity that is simple, but it will make a big difference in your life because it is an affirmation of your worth and you give it to your Self.

Your self-love date can be at any time and on any day you wish, and it can be for any duration of time. Women especially, but also many men, are hard workers and often caregivers for their family and friends. We are all busy in our lives, and some are overworked and too busy. Do your best to make your self-love date at least an hour. It’s helpful to choose the same day each week and block the time off in your calendar, but you can vary the time, if you wish.

You will be alone on this date. This is a time for you to reconnect with YOU! Choose an activity that makes you happy and delights your inner Child. While you are on your date, give yourself a gift of appreciation. This gift can be small or large; it can be whimsical or practical. You can make it yourself or purchase something you need or desire. It can be as simple as an affirmation.

gaianguardian5Retreat Your Self

In Europe, most people receive five weeks of vacation from employers; in the US, most people are doing well if they receive one or two weeks off from work. This shows up in our health and longevity; stress is a killer and causes all sorts of problems in our internal systems. You are highly encouraged to make retreat a priority in your life. When I speak of retreat, I mean a period of time where you are intentionally setting aside time for your Self and your inner journey. The intention is re-connection with Source and your creativity, vision, life purpose.

A retreat can take the place of your self-love date whenever you wish; they are very similar. On retreat, however, the focus is intentionally inward; while on a self-love date, any type of focus will do as long as you are engaged in an activity that delights you. Retreats can be taken alone, one-on-one with a professional guide or a friend, or in a group. There are professional retreat coaches, like me, who love creating retreats for groups and individuals.

Retreats can be outdoors or indoors, but it’s best to choose a place that you will enjoy and serves your intention and purpose for the retreat. Since the idea is rest and rejuvenation, you want to choose a place where you will feel comfortable. While the focus is on an inward journey, that journey is of your own choosing and can be with any intention or purpose. That said, it’s always best to frame a clear intention before you embark on retreat.

Perhaps you desire a retreat walking alone in a park or wilderness area? Maybe you’d like to retreat in a comfortable bed & breakfast inn with an experienced guide (and a spa) for a luxurious weekend get-away designed especially for you? Perhaps you’d like to share a longer retreat with a group at a retreat space with all the elements carefully crafted and planned, so you receive a shared, ultimate retreat experience?

Group retreat offerings can be a fabulous and affordable way to retreat your Self. You receive guidance from a professional retreat coach, plus community, sharing, and mirroring from the other retreatants in the group. Group retreats can be especially growthful and memorable because they are shared, and human beings are social animals.

Group retreats can be custom-designed for a specific group, or they are created and offered by a retreat coach and open to the public. There are an extraordinary variety of group retreats available for you to seek out and choose from.

Retreats are a fabulous way for you to re-connect with what is truly important in your life and on your self-love journey. Your retreats can be simple or grand (and as often) as you need and desire. The natural world, in the arms of Gaia, is one of the best places to retreat and re-connect. God/dess, reTREAT thyself!

gaianguardian3Creative Visualization

Imagine and visualize that which you desire to create in your life. Simultaneously feel the wonderful feelings you experience when you manifest what you dream of. See yourself already there and feel your joy, power and glory while riding the success pony.

If you like, make a dream collage or vision board, where you draw and/or clip and paste images and words that convey your vision onto poster board. Hang it in a prominent place to regularly see your dream and to remind your Self to do your creative visualization exercises daily, plus take the necessary action steps to make your dream real.

Focus on manifesting one important vision or aspect of your life at a time while you are building your creative visualization muscles. Be gentle with yourself and don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. Sometimes manifestation happens quickly, even instantly. For other dreams and intentions, it takes time, patience and plenty of concrete, action steps. Remember those little steps add up to big leaps!

The energetic possibilities of the Universe are infinite. It’s crucial to embrace the mystery of the unknown in order to fully tap into the realm of your creative possibilities. It is when you are faced with not-knowing, a challenge, or a question that you become your most creative and insightful.

Learn to enjoy and dance with mystery and uncertainty. Doing so will foster your highest creative potential. Make up vision songs to sing to your Self while you are dancing. You will begin to consciously manifest your visions with the power of your thoughts, feelings, and concrete action steps. The Universe will support you,  as long as you complete tasks that are necessary and do your part. There may be outcomes that appear to be setbacks, and maybe it’s just time to rest and regroup, embrace the Mystery.

You must also expect and believe that your cherished dreams will manifest and that you are worthy of what you desire. This often takes inner growth to move through any subconscious blocks, fears or resistance you may carry that sabotage your dreams. Your comfort journal and your morning pages will help you with this personal growth. You can also seek out a trusted, professional counselor or life coach to assist you in transforming those blocks.

To learn more about creative visualization, visit Shakti Gawain at She’s a wise woman, and I’m eternally grateful for her wisdom. Creative visualization works! I’ve tested it again and again. See for yourself. Creative visualization practice will bring you magical manifestations… just be careful what you ask for because your thoughts and energy are very powerful, said with a smile. 


  1. Gather your journal and pen and whatever you need to be comfortable. Make sure that you won’t be interrupted for a period of time.
  1. Go outside into Nature, if you are able and willing, and try to sit in the sunlight.
  2. Before you begin the fieldwork exercises, ground and center yourself in the Now with your breath, remind yourself that you are a divine child of Goddess and that you are deeply interconnected to the One.
  1. Make a list of places and activities you will enjoy on your weekly self-love dates. Here are some ideas to stimulate your imagination:
  • hiking, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, bicycling
  • shopping for a special gift, a trip to a museum, movie, concert, lecture
  • reading, writing in your journal, arts & crafts, sewing

Pick a day and time for your date this week, mark it in your calendar and stick to it. Set your intention to take your Self on a date every week and keep your commitment to yourself. Your well being is important.

  1. Make a list of things you’d like to give to your Self as gifts of appreciation. You can combine them with your date. For instance, if you’re going to take your Self shopping, buy a gift then. Or if you’ll be going for a hike, you could create a love note, a token, or a special snack that you give yourself along the way. Perhaps sewing is what you wish to do; if so, you could give yourself a gift that fits with that activity. Let your imagination run free when planning your dates and gifts; and also allow yourself moments of spontaneity when your inner voice prompts you. I like to give myself gifts of fruit and nuts, fresh juices, teas & kombucha.
  1. Make a list of places you would like to retreat in. They can be as near as your backyard or far away and exotic. A natural retreat can be as short as a few minutes out of a busy day, a few hours, a day, weekend or much longer. Pick one of the places on your list and make a plan to go there and retreat soon. You will do this retreat alone. Decide how long your retreat will last.

For this first adventure, you may wish to make it a mini-retreat of one to three hours. Determine what activities you’d like to do while on retreat. Here are few ideas to consider: meditation, walking, painting or drawing, writing, soaking in a hot tub or springs, saunas, pools and gyms, drinking a cup of tea with reflection, simply gazing upon the world around you with focus and mindfulness. If you have a desired outcome for the retreat, set that intention and take the action steps necessary to bring that outcome to fruition. It can be a working retreat as well: chop wood, carry water with mindfulness.

  1. Choose a dream or vision of something which you would like to manifest in your life. Start with something relatively simple. Practice creative visualization to make it real. It is best to exercise these muscles several times each day. Make a small vision board to support your manifestation process, if this appeals to you. Write about it in your journal often. Be patient and watch for the magical synchronicity and synergy to happen! Keep track of this in your journal.
  1. Remember to write your morning pages every day.
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