Love & Marry Your Self Forever: Chapter 3

DSC07814Chapter 3 / Make Your Love Real

Do you accept and believe that you are responsible for your perception, attitude, thoughts, feelings, actions and well-being to a great extent? To embrace this perspective is empowering, together with sharing your voice, gifts and talents that are uniquely yours to give. It takes you far from victimhood and internalized oppression; it brings you to the possibility of you as an effective change agent, leader and force for good. From moment to moment, you co-create outcomes you need and desire from a place of choice, regardless of external circumstances.

As your supportive ally and co-creator, I am walking beside you on this spiritual path. We are learning and growing together. Always remember that you are Seen, you are Known, and you are Loved. Take in this truth, coupled with the energy of Universal Life Force, with each breath.

DSC07801Creating & Keeping a Journal Fosters Your Development & Creativity

Keeping a diary or journal is a time-tested tradition, which fosters the development of creativity and reaching our potential. A journal is an awesome tool to use toward the fulfillment of your plans and visions. You’re invited and encouraged to make a journal especially for this eCourse to record your journey, so you may look back, review, and remember. Naming, giving voice to, and writing down your experiences, thoughts and feelings also brings them more deeply home to your heart-mind, helps you to fully integrate learnings and transitions, and also effectively enables their embodiment and manifestation into the material plane.

Why not gift yourself with a beautiful journal and pen (or, better yet, a set of colored felt pens) just for this purpose? To do so would be a validation of your magnificently creative Self and your Inner Child. You may embellish the pages with drawings, photographs, stickers, stamps, clip art from magazines and/or comic strips, feathers, ribbons, small pieces of fabric, lace, felt, poems, found objects, buttons, quotations, sweet notes from loved ones, and any other meaningful memento you find attractive and comforting. Give your imagination free rein to express itself and have fun with your journal!

DSC07775A Journal Gives Back Gifts

A journal is an awesome friend, and a place where you may rest on the page as you write, draw, and create. What’s great is that you can take this journal anywhere, and it’s nice to take on trips when you’ll be away from home and loved ones. You can also carry your eCourse binder when you’re ready to do your fieldwork. Your journal — a self-love oasis — is a respite from the cares of your world, a sweet spot where you find comfort and solace during challenging times.

Be sure especially to record special moments or events that engender feelings of wonder, love, well-being, gratitude, blessing and grace within you, so you may draw them forth whenever you wish. Know that this emphasis on what feels good (wholesome states of consciousness) also develops and deepens your prosperity consciousness (more on this later).

Make Your Self-Love Real

Make your journal a place of self-care and nurturing, where you share your best Self and positive, loving, hopeful thoughts, words, and images, along with healing of old stories and wounds, insights, places and personal growth work. Give this special journal a name, such as….

 Fill in your name   Comfort Journal

_______ Gratitude & Self-Love Journal

Love and Commitment to ________ Journal

_______ Juicy Fun Healing Book of JOY

Butterfly Wings of ___________ or

whatever your heart desires. Make your self-love REAL and LAUGH!

In closing today, I wish to affirm that learning to love ourselves well for most of us is a life-long process. You can choose to see the truth and value of your process of natural unfolding, and learn to relish the small steps that move you toward the Now and the future you envision. Know that there will be bumps, blocks and detours along the way, and you’ll make mistakes. That is all part of our process and may be for good reasons that you may not be aware of. It is through our mistakes that we learn and grow. What matters is to do your best and forgive yourself any mistakes. Acknowledge your challenges as growth opportunities for they make you a better person.


  • Gather your journal and pen (or your computer) and whatever you need to be comfortable. Make sure that you won’t be interrupted for a period of time. This is YOUR time to nurture your Self. Make an attempt to give yourself special YOU time every day, whether you are doing this eCourse or not.
  • Go outside into Nature, if you are able and willing, and try to sit in the sunlight. It’s well-proven that sunshine is quite beneficial for the health of our bodies; this is also true of spending time communing and attuning with the natural world.
  • Before you begin the fieldwork activities, ground your Self by taking a few deep breaths and feeling your feet firmly on the ground. Imagine yourself surrounded by healing pink light. Center yourself in the Now. Remind yourself that you are a divine child of Source / God / Goddess / Universe, and you are deeply interconnected to everything within the web of life.
  • Answer these questions:
  • How does it feel to be taking this step now?
  • What feelings are coming up for me in reading the eCourse?
  • How am I currently feeling about myself?
  • Where is my level of self-worth and well-being?
  • What is my intention in doing this course and marrying my Self?
  • What do I hope to take away from this journey?
  • How will I know if that has happened for me?
  • Is there anything I need to do or let go of to make space for this and commit to its completion?
  • Is there anything or anyone standing in my way that I need to share and resolve with?
  • What amount of uninterrupted solitude will I make for writing?
  • I am learning to love myself deeply and hereby commit to my own nurturing and well-being.
  • How will this improve and change my life?


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