Love & Marry Your Self Forever: Chapter 2

"Nesting Behavior"

“Nesting Behavior” (Acrylic, 16″ x 20″)

Chapter 2 / Goddess, Gaia & You

It’s another beautiful day of self-love in paradise! I honor the Goddess / God / Universe within you, and Spirit is our topic in today’s installment. What is the name (or names) that you give to this powerful Source energy within your being and which surrounds you? This energy or life force resonates within every living being. How do you conceptualize this divine energy? What does it look like in your mental imagery?

In this eCourse, I will use the terms “Source,” “Universe,” “Beloved,” and “Goddess,” along with the feminine pronoun. This is to honor and strengthen the Divine Feminine in each of us. We will also raise our awareness of the interconnected web of life and Earth. I also acknowledge the God or Divine Masculine, which also resides within and all around us. We may call Source by any name; She is beyond the duality of masculine and feminine. What is most important is that you give Her name(s), image(s) that are meaningful for you and that resonate with your inner Self.

We are all One and all from the same creative Source energy. When we get beyond the realms of ego, form, dualism and individualism, there is no separation. The long, wondrous, evolutionary journey we have all made together is evoked in a splendid way by Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn in his poem, “The Old Mendicant.” Take a few moments to allow these lines to sink in; hear them as if they were addressed to you:

Being rock, being gas, being mist, being Mind,

Being the mesons traveling among galaxies with the

   speed of light,

You have come here, my beloved one …

You have manifested yourself as trees, as grass, as

   butterflies, as single-celled beings, and as


but the eyes with which you looked at me this morning

tell me you have never died.

Spiritual Foundations

To embrace your Self with deep compassion and view your Self as a magnificent manifestation of Source is to embrace the truth. This is also a remarkably rich spiritual path. When I speak of deep self-love, it is with this in mind. To grow and practice self-love is not about an ego-based, narcissistic perspective.

In seeking to expand your creative potential and personal power by growing your self-love, it is most helpful to look deeply within. Many sages and prophets have told us this throughout the ages. It is not by looking outside ourselves that we will find true and lasting liberation, happiness and peace. You have the inner capacity and resilience, through Source, to creatively meet whatever life may bring you.

To enliven, honor, and strengthen your intuition and Goddess within …

  • Care for your Self with deep love and compassion by doing what feels wholesome & healthy;
  • Pause often to reflect and consciously choose actions in alignment with your core values;
  • Meditate and Practice Mindfulness to remember and grow your consciousness; and
  • Play within endeavors and activities that bring you meaning, happiness and satisfaction.

Her voice and guidance will be clearer to you as you increase your self-love. To love your Self is the same as loving Goddess and Earth-Gaia — loving all simultaneously. When you write your Morning Pages and in your comfort journal each day (more on this in next two installments), you are strengthening and deepening this connection with Source. You are shoring up your spiritual foundations to help you increase your various capacities. Your spiritual foundations are the bedrock of your Inner Garden, and they will serve you well through life’s peaks and valleys.

Gaian Web of Infinite Possibilities

Gaia is a living, breathing being and web of infinite energetic possibility. You are a part of that Web. Every thought, feeling, and action impacts the energy and integrity of the Web of the One Love. You are far more powerful than you may realize.

Your energies and thoughts reach beyond the limits of space and time. This has been scientifically documented by the Heart-Math Institute and other researchers in the field of heart-mind resonance theory. With mindfulness, vision and clear intention, you can consciously choose how you impact and influence the Gaian Web.

Have you ever been walking in a forest or other place in the natural world and felt the sense of the sacred within you? The natural beauty and majesty of our Earth, from the simplest little dandelion flower to a grand Redwood forest, has been our Source since our species began its evolutionary journey ages ago. Because of this primal bond, we feel the Earth’s energetic pulse and life force in our bodies and hold subconscious, ancestral, cellular memories.

Gaia, with Her rich, watery, oxygen-producing ecosystem, breathes us. Gaia sustains us with Her abundant, renewable resources. In this way, the Earth is our Mother. We all know this, but many of us have lost the deep sense of connection with that which sustains, nourishes and, in a sense, loves us. The Mother is not honored and cherished in our culture, as She has been and still is by indigenous peoples, and as She will be again, if our species is to survive.

Not only does the Earth sustain us, She also heals us. Walking within the dappled shade of a forest creates a sense of well being and peace. Sitting on a beach by the sea, on a lake, or beside a river has a similar effect. While you are sitting next to a tree or in a luscious garden of flowers and plants, consciously connect to the energy of those beings; notice how this energetic connection heals and grounds you.

Make time to re-connect with the natural world every day, even if it is just for a few minutes in your yard, a nearby park or tending a house plant. Make this practice a part of your spiritual path. It is during these times of retreat, vacation and rest in nature that you are most likely to find the answers to your questions and clear resolution of dilemmas.


Incorporate daily connection with nature and Gaia-Source as a part of your life and spiritual practice. Practice grounding in nature to bring you to present-moment awareness and build your resilience. To do this, simply choose a place where you won’t be disturbed, breathe deeply down through your chest and into your stomach. You can place your hand upon your stomach to stay in touch with your breath. Sit or stand with your feet placed on the ground.

Meditate upon and visualize the Universe’s light energy flowing into the top of your head (your crown chakra), down through your being to your heart chakra, and then continuing down through your root or first chakra, flowing out of your being and deep into the center of the Earth. Visualize the light as healing energy bathing your body and each of its cells. Send it to the places in your body that feel tired, achy or tense. Imagine your Self being held in the soft lap of Goddess. Repeat the mantra “Breathing in, I am home; breathing out, I am peace.”

This is a simple and refreshing meditation you can do anywhere. It is especially effective when combined with Gaian energies by being outside in nature.

Calm and relax your being and come present to the moment by taking a few deep breaths and repeat, “I am a child of Goddess, and I am worthy of all good.”

Journey within and see in your mind’s eye your Inner Garden. Think about its foundations and what you want them to be like. Do you have a strong foundation in place upon which to build the rest of your garden? If not, what more needs to be done? Are there (or would you like) any outcroppings, hills or mountains in your garden? What about brickwork, walkways? Ask your Inner Goddess these types of questions and listen intently for the answers. Begin to build your inner garden and focus on the foundational aspects.

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