Love & Marry Your Self Forever: Chapter 1

c1Chapter 1 / Introduction & Benefits

Welcome to the Love & Marry Your Self Forever eCourse! This is a renewal practice and a life-long love affair with your beautiful Self, your Muse, your inner Beloved.

You have given your Self a wonderful gift by making this life-serving, nurturing choice to create a powerful foundation of self-care and self-love, culminating in a self-marriage ceremony. This will sustain you for the rest of your life, with abiding inner peace, wholeness and happiness — a still lake you can dip into whenever you wish to refresh your Self. In this way, you also sustain your world and that which you love by serving from an overflowing cup of love. You can become love in addition to being a lover.  

You will receive these amazing benefits from this eCourse:

  • Increased Inner Awareness and Mindfulness
  • Growth in Self-Esteem, Self-Love, Self-Worth
  • Higher Levels of Resiliency, Faith and Trust
  • Practices to Silence Your Inner Critic

Connection with your Inner Self and Celebration of Special Moments

Take a moment to check-in with your Self and clearly acknowledge that you ARE embarking on this self-love adventure. Drop within and notice if there is a response — a clear feeling, a voice, a whisper, a tingle. The presence of our inner Self (or observer) shows up differently for each of us. Remaining well-connected to this Presence takes development of mindful awareness through practice.

Celebrate this important step in your life. Powerful forces have brought us together for this sacred endeavor. This brings me gladness, and I am celebrating with you! We are intentionally choosing to walk the peaceful Beauty Way and cultivate an inner garden filled with wonder and delight!

Please acknowledge and accept that you are a precious and unique person. You were born with essential goodness, worthiness. You are ever-evolving within constant change, integration, growth and process. Remember it is your journey that truly matters, and not the final destination or outcome, which, let’s face it, is essentially the same for each of us.

Give thanks now and each day for the gift and blessings of your life, and the Earth and Source which sustain our lives. To practice daily gratitude for what is good in your life achieves and sustains wholesome states of consciousness.

Introduction to eCourse and What to Expect  

You’ll receive a daily installment of this course for the next 12 days — a total of 13 glorious, value-packed chapters of guidance for more fully awakening to your joy, aliveness, and love. The course will culminate in a ceremonial ritual and commitment just right for YOU because you will create it from a place of deep self-examination and knowing. This gradual unfolding and culmination in ceremony supports and empowers you to become the subject of your own life story, rather than seeing yourself and your body, as through a looking-glass, objectified.

To be the subject of your life story means you are self-determining and self-actualizing from your whole Self and co-creating your life from a place of personal acceptance and power. You are a magnificent being of energy and far more than just the external image (or restrictive roles) the media and cultural conditioning view as object.

The Love & Marry Your Self Forever eCourse is designed so that each step or learning builds upon the previous one. It is most effective to read the chapters in sequence, and then complete the fieldwork activities, before moving on to the next chapter. You further optimize its value by incorporating the suggested practices into your daily routines; and, in doing so, will experience a marked improvement in your sense of self-worth and well-being.

You may choose to complete this course quickly, or you may take as long as you desire. What’s important is that you listen to and honor your Self, your needs/wants. You can take this awakening at your own pace and ease. Remember to view this as a process.  You’re encouraged to ENJOY reading the course, completing the fieldwork, and then practicing the suggested activities.

You are free to make adjustments, as they suit you; however, be aware that your choices will impact how much value you take-away from the course, as well as how well you are able to integrate the teachings. You can print the course and keep it in a binder to make it more portable. It’s advantageous and beneficial to do the fieldwork outside in Nature. I highly encourage you to retreat your Self in Nature whenever possible… make it a regular practice.

Self-Acceptance is Key

I leave you today with the invitation to practice loving acceptance of whatever arises within you. Be gentle with yourself, take your time, acknowledge you have done your best with the circumstances you have been presented with, and accept whatever feelings arise. The fact that the emotions are there within you makes them valid and acceptable.

Acceptance is key to successful development of your self-love. Do not turn away; do not judge yourself; forgive yourself for any mistakes you may have made in the past or shame you may feel. Please do your best to realize that we all have our shadow sides and wounded places.

We must give those hurt parts of us love and attention in order to transform them into that which truly serves our vision and purpose. With love and acceptance of your Self in all your different aspects, imperfections, flaws, gifts, and other characteristics which make you unique, human and vulnerable, you will grow in peace and happiness.This does not mean we don’t choose to work to improve our lives and our world; it does mean acceptance of what IS and being okay with starting from that place over and over again.


Ground your Self by taking a few deep breaths, filling your chest and then your belly. Place your hand on your stomach to remain mindful of your breath. Feel your feet firmly on the ground. Imagine yourself surrounded by healing pink light and breathe it in; allow it to radiate into your core and through your body. Center yourself in the Now. Begin to notice your thoughts and let them pass by like clouds across the sky, without clinging or attachment. Remind yourself that you are a divine child of Source / God / Goddess / Universe, and you are deeply interconnected to everything within the web of life.

Think about what you may need or wish to let go of. As you breathe in, say, “Breathing in, I am letting go” and visualize yourself releasing. As you breathe out, smile to yourself and say, “Breathing out, I am free.” Repeat this process as many times as you wish, for whatever you wish to release. It is helpful to work on letting go of one thing at a time until you truly feel a sense of release and liberation from any attachments, thoughts, or stories impeding your movement.

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