She Carries Me

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She Carries Me is a beautiful dharma song about Kuan Yin Bodhisattva by Jennifer Berezan. For me, Source is beyond duality of female and male; and, generally speaking, my sense of faith and trust stems from my own internal empowerment and agency, while recognizing my human fragility and vulnerability. That said, I relate best to female deities, since I am a woman; and I appreciate that She helps undo some of the painful oppression of the overbearing, punishing Father-God residing in the dogma of many religions and the foundation / roots of our obviously sick and unjust patriarchal mainstream society in America.

I find multiple layers of meaning implicit in the words of this song and give thanks for the Beloved She within and for the lovely Jennifer Berezan. This is a song of aspiration, peace and trust. Kuan Yin is, of course, me and you, the Bodhisattva within for some of us, the dharma (or teachings of knowledge and truth), and the path toward home. We need more trust in this world, for sure.

“She is a boat, she is a light
High on a hill in dark of night
She is a wave, she is the deep
She is the dark where angels sleep
When all is still and peace abides
She carries me to the other side,
She carries me to the other side…
And though I walk through valleys deep
And shadows chase me in my sleep
On rocky cliffs I stand alone
I have no name, I have no home
With broken wings I reach to fly
She carries me to the other side,
She carries me to the other side…
A thousand arms, a thousand eyes
A thousand ears to hear my cries
She is the gate, she is the door
She leads me through and back once more
When day has dawned and death is nigh
She’ll carry me to the other side,
She carries me to the other side…
She is the first, she is the last
She is the future and the past,
Mother of all, of earth and sky
She carries me to the other side,
She carries me to the other side…”
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