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TransportationIn the end, we’ll have a jolly laugh about this personal growth journey into self-love and compassion. But, in the meantime, we make loving ourselves a very serious point of focus, with clear intention and deep commitment to doing the daily work to build our compassion muscles and be the change we want to see in the world. We hold ourselves with gentleness, respect and worthiness of the greatest love story of our lives — an adventure of passion and romance, if we choose it to be so. It really is up to you to choose what is best for you and walk away from anything that doesn’t serve your well being.

Once we have tasted the true fulfillment, contentment, satisfied mind of inner peace, ecstatic bliss, we have moved into a higher energetic frequency. Our vibration changes for the better, and our health improves as well. We become lighter and emit a brighter energetic / auric field of subtle radiation that enables us to attract and manifest more of what we desire. There is no going back because why would we want to leave anything that tastes so delicious and enlivening? Why would we want to abandon ourselves again once we have healed ourselves into wholeness and see ourselves worthy of all the magnificent gifts that life has to offer? Indeed, life becomes more luminous as eyes of the heart open more fully. All of the senses become heightened, as perception grows keen, and a trust in the mystery arises, unfolds with experience.

We become less concerned about what anyone else thinks about us. We don’t take how others behave toward us personally; and, in general, all of life becomes much less personal. A greater width and depth of perception develops that holds room for many diverse perspectives and ways of being. There is a growth of self-reliance and resiliency, as well as healthy detachment. Soul retrieval becomes real, and whatever parts of ourselves have been hiding from our view come out of exile to be understood, known, integrated. The growth of compassionate love takes time, patience, courage, will power and determination. It also asks devotion, loyalty, abiding faithfulness in one’s self to greet whatever arises with an open heart. Forgiveness blossoms within us to heal our brokenness and extends outward to those we have felt harmed by in one way or another.

The world — Gaia — although ravaged and partially poisoned by us now, will survive and regenerate, with or without our species. The Earth has been around a lot longer than we have. Resting in compassion for ourselves, we feel compassion for the suffering of the world and all of its myriad beings. Compassion moves us out to do the work that we are called to do.

We’re not doing it to make anything go away or to make everything pretty. To truly love ourselves includes embracing our pain, suffering, wounds, our grief for the world and in our personal lives. It also involves embracing and allowing our inner healer to fully emerge to support us. We’re loving ourselves to wake up, so that life starts making sense! Until you love yourself, love doesn’t really make any sense. Loving yourself will make everything make sense. And even when we spiritually think, “I need to understand why this is happening,” Life says, “just love yourself and everything will be explained at the right time.”

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Love Pill

Love the one who has the questions, who doesn’t know, who makes mistakes and grows blindly.

Love yourself until the love you have cultivated within you gives you the only explanation of existence.

Trust your inner guidance, intuition and wise counsel because your life journey is unique. There isn’t any point in comparing yourself or your journey to anyone else’s because what works for another individual may not work for you. What social conformity in the dominant culture demands may not suit your divine purpose.

You attract what you judge until you no longer judge what you attract. Whatever aversion arises in your experience in response to what you see is revealing the next part of yourself that awaits loving kindness, curiosity, exploration, acceptance, integration. Criticism kills love and is toxic to all relationships. Respectful and courageous discernment is a different story.

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As you love all of the parts of yourself as an infinite processional line where every feeling and aspect of self is loved more, not less, you are clearing your energetic field of old conditioning and patterns, liberating yourself of heavy baggage. You are making space for the emergence of your beloved soul mate — your higher self in form. This healing in self-love is equally your contribution to clearing these patterns out of the collective consciousness. What you clear in yourself, you clear in the world. That is a celebration of unity consciousness.

Self-Love Pit Stop

It must not just be loving ourselves in these spiritual containers, such as while on retreat; but being so inspired, uplifted and transformed in these containers that this contemplative process actually affects what we do in the world. This is where we remember. This is where we heal. This is the liminal space, the time-out-of-time where we receive our inner guidance, briefing and our visions. But then we get back into the race and show our work. And we do it in service to ourselves and in service to your innocence.

This is the first exciting breath of a brand new beginning. This is where we step forward in service to our own awakening hearts to bring love and harmony into our own lives and to prepare us for the most incredible relationships that life has planned for us. Simultaneously, we transform the fabric of reality with one “I love you” at a time.

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You’re invited to join with me in loving yourself more and expanding your compassion field, while also developing your awareness. Why not go ahead and send your inner critics and naysayers permanently packing to do needed work elsewhere in the world, like toxic cleanup sites? What could you gain by saying “no” to what is harmful to you and does not benefit you and your evolution? By choosing to awaken into compassion, you link arms with me and all Love Warriors in transforming this world for the well being of all. You are then a player in the Global Love Revolution. We make it fun! We make it exciting and juicy! We make it heart-centered and purposeful. We do it for all of us. We do it because we deserve to taste the ecstasy of love and your brilliant light. We do it for life! Thank you for your participation.



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