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Landscapes & NatureBefore he began acting in theater and film, Christopher Walken trained as a theater dancer. Eventually he became the thespian superstar we know (and love), yet he stayed true to his dancing bones. He found a way to dance a move or two into most of his film roles, scripted or not.

50 of these scenes have been edited together into this fun music video. It’s great!

I feel inspired, as I will be dancing solo again soon in local, pubic, community dance venues, such as Berkeley Ecstatic Jam and Ecstatic Dance Oakland. I’ve been taking a long hiatus from public dancing, among other activities. I’ve stepped over an important threshold, and this inner daybreak is beautiful and joyous. There’s intense work involved, too, even if the process of awakening and expansion appears easy. The work  brings wonderful gifts, and I dance in a state of reverence and celebration.

Business & Finance“The heart that
breaks open can
contain the
whole universe.”
Joanna Macy

I took dance classes for many years; first as a young girl, then in college at Washington University in St. Louis in my 20’s. Yes, dancing throughout most of my adult life, even in times of sorrow. During this period of getting thoroughly acquainted with my inner Hermit aspect, I’ve been dancing at home. Now my body feels ready to move and play in this art form that I cherish to new DJ sounds and in community again with other dancers. It’s a blessing that we have so many wonderful dance venues in the SF Bay Area. This is one of the reasons that I moved here after all!

Now you’re invited to check out Walken’s moves and let the Spirit move you. *laughter* If you feel adventurous and have time for a little more of him, below is the complete strip tease dance from the movie “Pennies from Heaven.” He’s an excellent dancer, and this scene is hilarious! Of course I love the bending of gender role expectations here. Head’s up: NOT politically correct re: feminist values, but I’m okay with seeing the wider dimensions of comedy and what is being pointed at. Bernadette Peters is the perfect foil, and her facial expressions send me into gales of laughter.

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