Completions, Wonder & Emergence

Flowers & Trees

And forget not that the earth

delights to feel your bare feet

and the winds long to play

with your hair.

~Khalil Gibran

Our lives in seasonal flow embrace this autumnal time as one of wind, change, letting go, and sometimes new beginnings. It is a time of contemplation, as I slowly turn pages to end important chapters of my life in preparation for dynamic change, emergence, and fresh movements, following a long chapter of mourning and coming to terms with significant losses.

The past several months have been focused on inner healing and clearing the decks, freeing up my time and energy for what is wanting to emerge. There is a sense of release into a spacious interior room swept clean by storms and strong gusts of wind. This room is in my heart and resonates with connection … to Spirit … to beloved kin … to the pulsations, draws and pulls from Gaia’s cosmic web of life.


In the midst of this internal decluttering process, Coach Helene Van Manen invited me to do a recorded interview for her Conversations with Wise Women series about my years living at The Farm Community in Tennessee (2000-06). She also wrote a lovely blog post — “How The Farm in Tennessee Changed Lives.”

This conversation helped me to see my years at The Farm with a clearer perspective and also to finally find closure to that chapter of my life. Those experiences, work and lessons in right livelihood and good love are cherished, and someday I will go back to The Farm to visit friends and touch base again. The Farm Chapter is complete with this letting go.

I’m moving on from the past into mindful living in the present in Oakland, California with greater energetic aliveness. I have work that I am called to do here now. In releasing what was before and making a peaceful closure within, this better enables me to:

  • come more present to experience each precious moment now with a greater degree of wild aliveness,
  • see more clearly what needs to be done without an agenda or attachment to a particular outcome,
  • hear the voice of Source within guiding me to the next action steps, and
  • be open, allowing, compassionate and responsive.

Onward into October and emergence! I wonder. What will arise, become and expand? I intuit big changes on the horizon. Feels awesome to experience release of blockages and stuck places, step back into creative flow, and to be writing and sharing in my blog again.


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