Hummingbird Day

looking down the palm tree driveway toward entrance by greenkozi

looking down the palm tree driveway toward entrance by greenkozi

This afternoon I walked with my companion dogs Jimmy and Alice to one of our favorite destinations in the neighborhood just a long block away — Central Reservoir Park, a sweet diamond in the rough. It’s a public park without a sign or any real indication that it’s there, other than a chain-link fence with a gate. Yet, it’s an urban sanctuary with a small and beautiful redwood grove, large baseball field, and a long path lined with majestic palm trees.Movie Carol (2015)

No one was there, as is typically true. Being with the green grass and trees freshened from the rains, this special place is a quiet oasis in which to reconnect with elemental nature and to practice walking meditation. The dogs love it because they enjoy some off-leash time.

Hummingbird the Green
Danny Perez Photography / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

On the way home not far from the park, we found a green hummingbird with a red throat and white belly (like the one in this picture) lying on the sidewalk. At first glance, it looked dead; but I knelt down and looked closer and saw it appeared to be stunned. I picked it up, and it’s little heart was beating fast and still very much alive. I had just passed a house where a grandfather was out in the yard with his two granddaughters. They had waved and said “hello” so I took it to show them. Instinctively, I knew that the old man would know what to do. He cupped it gently in his hands and smiled into my eyes reassuringly. He said he thought the little hummingbird felt too cold, so they would put it on a little blanket and warm it. It was a special gift to rescue and hold this tiny creature in my hands today. Tonight I say a little prayer to the Universe that it lives to fly and pollinate tomorrow.

Summer Story

When the hummingbird
sinks its face
into the trumpet vine,
into the funnels

of the blossoms
and the tongue
leaps out
and throbs,

I am scorched
to realize once again
how many small, available things
are in this world

that aren’t
pieces of gold
or power——-
that nobody owns

or could but even
for a hillside of money—–
that just float
in the world,

or drift over the fields,
or into the gardens,
and into the tents of the vines,
and now here I am

spending my time,
as the saying goes,
watching until the watching turns into feeling,
so that I feel I am myself

a small bird with a terrible hunger,
with a thin beak probing and dipping
and a heart that races so fast

it is only a heart beat ahead of breaking——
and I am the hunger and the assuagement,
and also I am the leaves and the blossoms,
and, like them, I am full of delight, and shaking.

Mary Oliver

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