Universal Foundations to Wellness

conversationswithwisewomenJanuary is National Financial Wellness Month. In collaboration with my mentor, Coach Helene Van Manen, we focused in on this theme during this first month of 2014. It’s a great time of year to take a fresh look at our finances and financial health. We recorded a few of our thoughts in a short, juicy segment of Helene’s Conversations with Wise Women (click image to listen).

Yin + Yang
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Financial Wellness has two dimensions — the spiritual and the material. Cultivating a spiritual understanding of life can help us develop a clear, balanced perspective on the human condition, including how we view money, wealth and financial health.

When we develop ourselves spiritually, we are engaged in personal transformation. We can transform anxiety into peace, anger into compassion, and confusion into clarity.

In connection with this universal Source of existence, our actions become infused with authenticity and wholeness. Taking action from this still ground of our being, we become more aware and effective. The process of change becomes laced with liberation, ease, fun, satisfaction and the ability to be responsive to external situations (versus reactive and acting out unconscious patterns).

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As we end the month of financial wellness, we encounter another rich beginning with the New Moon / Super Black Moon transit (Jan. 30) and Chinese New Year of the Horse (Jan. 31), with fire and wood elements.

Fire element fans optimism while wood element promotes spontaneity. In terms of financial health, fire and wood are not the best combination because the tendency is to gamble and take higher risks with money. It is best to temper optimism with caution and impulsiveness with research and discipline.

Down the Garden Path Again at Great Comp...
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Our perspective is enhanced when we access and connect with universal Source energy and our inner stillness. A clear, grounded center of being in a place of stillness blended with prudence, discipline, and radical acceptance, supports us to:

  • determine what “wealth” and “financial wellness” mean to us individually,
  • set realistic financial goals,
  • outline clear action steps to achieve our goals,
  • apply discipline combined with flexibility to accommodate changing conditions; and
  • optimize our chance of growing in financial health this year.



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