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Some of my most pleasurable moments are spent in HOT WATER!

When I used to live my life at a faster pace, I viewed bathing rituals as an indulgence and would more often opt for a quick shower. Now hot water soaks are appreciated as a necessary component of my practice of radical self-care and optimal well being.

Sometimes I enjoy the great pleasure of soaking at a natural hot spring with trees and beauty around me (either rustic in the woods or at a spa resort).  I set an intention to make this happen for myself at least once or twice each year and typically combine it with a vacation getaway. I also occasionally follow weekly yoga or dance class at the gym with a visit to the spa; I like to precede the hot tub with a swim and then a sauna after.

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Usually, however, it’s home soaks in the bathtub with mineral salts, bath oil, and/or herbs at least a couple of times a month. This is special, self-love, ME time for soaking, detoxing, resting, breathing, bathtub yoga & meditation, inner processing and de-cluttering, cleansing … with soft music and candlelight adding to the ambience and romance. In prelude to the luxury of soaking in hot water, I’ll drink a cup of calming herbal tea or occasionally a glass of wine. Check out The Bathtub Yoga Relaxation Book: Yoga in the Bath for Energy, Vitality and Pleasure.

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I’ve been expanding this pleasurable ritual with further explorations in aromatherapy using herbs and essential oils. Jeanne Rose has published the wonderful Herbal Body Book: The Herbal Way to Natural Beauty & Health for Men & Women, which is a great resource and includes many recipes for natural beauty care, including recipes for soaking. Or sometimes I’ll add whole flowers and herbs or a few drops of *Purposeful Abundance* essential oil that I received from participation in the Prospering Woman Telecourse and made by Iris Herbal Products.

Soaking in natural hot springs and in herbal baths is truly a restorative cure for any stress, sore muscles, and toxicity of body and mind! It’s also a beautiful way to honor your divine Self with radical self-care. You’re invited to retreat yourself into the wonder cure of hydrotherapy. Will you make time soon to soak, cleanse and bless your body with well being?

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