Mini-Retreat Into Freedom

What makes you feel free and what does freedom mean to you?

I cherish the freedom to make autonomous choices and to live my life as I choose. I love that I have co-created the freedom of living a retreat way of life and can take a mini-retreat right NOW if I desire. I love that the Earth and Sun give their abundance generously and that I am a free spiritual being walking a human path.

There are many vehicles to liberation and a diversity of perspectives on the freedom way. That alone is great cause for celebration. Yet, there are many in the world who still live in bondage and the fear of bondage. May they find peace within through the struggle for freedom.

In honor of the legacy of all the love warriors like Martin Luther King, Jr. who gave their lives to the quest for liberty and justice, would you like to take a short, musical mini-retreat into FREEDOM?

Here’s one beautiful opportunity: “To the pulse of a drum circle rhythm track and backed by traditional gospel choir harmonies, Suzee Waters Benjamin (Suchi WB) extols the many dimensions of the universal instinct for freedom. Listen as she takes us on a musical journey of truth and healing.”

Video from KarmaTube


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