Idealist Dreaming

Your ideals may be more important to you today than many other aspects of your life. You may find yourself spending a lot of your time lost in daydreams or visualizing the existence you hope someday to build. Should you find yourself feeling sudden pangs of guilt because you believe your time could be better spent on practical pursuits, try to remember that your dreams will more likely than not prove to be a key in your potential for success. As you imagine many wonderful and satisfying events taking place in your future, you may feel wonderfully motivated. Today can be an auspicious day to make long-terms plans that are related to your personal and professional goals.

Our dreams, however outlandish they seem, provide us with a framework with which we can begin to formulate workable plans and goals that will enable us to realize our ambitions in modified form. Though some may regard such musings as fantasies that have little merit when viewed from a real-world perspective, our dreams are almost always indicative of the lives we hope to create. We may not be able to build these lives precisely as we have envisioned them in our mind’s eye, but we can determine how our dreams can flourish within the constraints of reality. The more we allow ourselves to dream, the stronger and more developed our eventual goals will be. The dreams you enjoy today have the potential to become the seeds of the aspirations that enable you to achieve whatever degree of success you desire. ~Madisyn Taylor

Lavender Dreams
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