Dreaming Time

A couple of weeks of a rich and wonderful personal retreat into radical self-care at the end of 2013 made for a gentle and satisfying transition into 2014.

Simply Being with my Self and Slowing Way Down can be a challenge, yet it is in the Stillness that I am really able to Listen and Hear my inner voice.

My watch words for 2014 are IN LOVE. I’ve embarked upon a 2014 self-love, inter-being journey into growing a greater depth of appreciation, connection and love for the world, myself and my life, into a deeper acceptance of What Is.

Now we are in the Winter Dreaming Time. What dreams do you see for your 2014 when you close your eyes, breathe into stillness, and tap into your inner vision?


If you want love, look within.

If you want peace, look within.

If you want satisfaction, look within

If you want to be in harmony with others, look within.

If you want to be free of distraction, look within.

If you want to honor your truth, look within.

~Elise and Phil Okrend, from Messages To The Heart

Embracing Beauteousness
Martin Gommel / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND
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