Together In The Place of Blessings

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“We are always together in the place of blessings, flourishing on the bank of the calm mind, filled with our song of satisfied creation, radiant in the pulse of all that is, of all that ever was, of all that ever will be…. We begin again, to begin at the beginning, to end again, to end at the beginning…. We begin to begin, to begin at the beginning, to end, to begin, to begin at the ending….” ~ Layne Redmond (1952-2013)

In the dark time, 10 days before Winter Solstice and the beginning of a New Year, I am remembering 2013 and all that was given, all that was hoped for, all that was lost, all the abundant changes, with their inevitable personal growth and development. It’s been one of the most challenging years of my life and also one of the best.


“Snake Mystic” by Lotus (ceramic, 8.5″ tall)

2013: The Transformational Year of the Snake

… The year of shedding my old skin and old ways of being, old baggage and old patterns with the help of an excellent therapist I see every week and a fabulous life coach who supports me with gentle motherly love, nurturing and guidance.

… The year of learning the full meaning of “Empty Nest” and transitioning to a new, friendlier and more robust relationship with my daughter Emma.

… The year of awakening to the fullness of BEING and INTER-BEING through the practices of radical self-care, self-cherishing, meditation, walking, listening, writing … to ultimately become more of who I authentically AM.




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