Historic Pine Ridge Retreat

RCN member buttonSince 2009-10 when I worked on and received my professional Retreat Coach certification, I’ve been a member of the powerful Retreat Coach Network.  In addition to sharing many tips, resources and guidance, each month our Founder and Mentor Coach Helene Van Manen hosts a teleconference for members to connect, share resources and learn new skills. It was during one of these recent calls that I “met” my colleague Coach Susan Swanstrom. She shared about her vacation-rental home on the Russian River called Pine Ridge Retreat. She also transparently shared about some of her professional challenges and goals that I deeply resonated with.

Inner guidance suggested OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI reach out to connect with Susan following the call to see if we might share mutual support. I’m so glad I listened to this small, intuitive voice that invariably calls me toward personal risk-taking and expansion! Now Susan and I are becoming friends and also co-leading Rekindle Your Inner Flame: Winter Solstice Retreat. Our connection is a blessing as well as a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow professionally as we co-create our vision for celebrating winter solstice. Additionally, three other retreat coaches in the Network have joined with us to form the Juicy Luna Pod — a mastermind group.

pineridgeliving2Last month, Susan graciously invited me for a weekend visit at Pine Ridge Retreat so we could meet in person and work together on our upcoming retreat.  Pine Ridge Retreat is a serene, spacious and sunny home. It sits at the top of a hill amidst the peaceful forest, with the Russian River wandering its course only a short 5-minute walk away. There are over 15 miles of pristine hiking trails through the wooded landscape spread over 160 acres of Summer Home Park (established as a resort community in 1908), together with adjacent, similar acreage of Odd Fellows Park. This living room with the fireplace comprised the original cabin built at the turn of the century, and the family room was a porch off this one-room cabin. Pine Ridge Retreat retains its historic charm with original woodwork and redwood ceilings throughout the main floor and hardwood floors in this living room.

pineridgelivingroomoldMost of the remodels were done by the previous owner between 2003-09. Susan bought the house in 2011 and installed energy efficient appliances, water-saving toilets (one dual flush). She completely remodeled the granny unit as a personal residence and installed re-used cabinets, a locally-crafted Murphy bed, and an energy efficient “split” heating system. She opened the main house as a vacation rental retreat space in May, 2013. The house also boasts a sauna and hot tub. The guest rooms are lovely, luxurious, comfortable and cozy… truly a quiet, restorative place to retreat. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

pineridgetreetopsWe still have space available in our fabulous Winter Solstice Retreat. We’ve also added a One-Night Option for Saturday Solstice. HOT LAST-MINUTE SPECIAL DISCOUNTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! If you want to join us and experience a restorative stay at Pine Ridge Retreat for yourself, now is the time to register and reserve your space! Share a room with a friend, and receive a whopping $200 discount per woman! Book a private room, and receive a $100 discount.

whitecandlesSusan and I have co-created a wonderful program to celebrate this special season of change. We are prepared to meet your needs, and we’re qualified to guide and nurture you while you retreat. We’re eager to share this Winter Solstice Retreat with the few lovely women who are meant to be with us. Are you one of them? Is it time for you to take a break during this busy season and give this gift to yourself?



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