Wood in Winter

In honor of autumn and in memory of beloved Geoph Kozeny, a poem:

                      Wood in Winter

Womanly arms lift long, heavy logs, one by one,

carry them to the big saw powered by Kester —

the old, red tractor built in the 1940’s —

on a cold, bright day at Sandhill Farm in Missouri.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We play at our work.

Warm eyes sparkle in the sunshine.


This wood used to be a barn log ago,

where the strawbale chicken coop now stands

near the mulberry tree. Everything changes.


You walk into my life through long, rippling

stalks of sorghum cane, camera in your hand.

Our strong arms work stripping cane for harvest.

October becomes our anniversary.

October you pass to another plane in peace.

I miss you.


Womanly arms hold my laughing baby girl

one fine morning after the day in the cane

and a night of warm love.

Milk and happiness flow. We spoon

freshly-cooked, thick, greenish-black,

sweet sorghum syrup into our oatmeal,

smile across the wooden table.


You give me your love. I give you a special

place in my heart. This is easy. Our love

grows deep and strong through the years,

through the many bittersweet partings,

long spells of time and distances apart —

the journeys of our souls.


Womanly arms throw another log into the fire,

wipe dust from the piano, the bookshelves,

light a beeswax candle in the center

of the long table upon a circle of old lace …

in remembrance of you, in gratitude for the gifts

of love, adventure, vision, and kinship we share.


Soon it will be Thanksgiving again.

Our circle begun in a sorghum field

18 years ago is now complete.

Till my death, I will remember you, beloved Geoph —

friend, brother, lover, father, kindred spirit. May you fly

in the joy of freedom and liberation evermore. Blessed be.

October, 2007; Berkeley, CA

Last little rose
Lorenzoclick / Foter / CC BY-NC
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