Hope for Our World

I begin this new day with an awareness of the differences between Scarcity Woman and Prospering Woman and the ways these two inner aspects operate, affect my perspective, and drive what manifests in my life.

The inner Goddess of Power and Vision — Prospering Woman — chooses to nurture Hope for our World. She leans into Life and bolsters her faith and trust in Universal forces, operating in alignment with the higher good.

Prospering Woman is embodied in a graceful and joyous dance within the field of unlimited possibilities. She embraces the magic of unexpected surprises. She greets whatever arises with the freshness of beginner’s heart-mind. She is willing to allow herself to be changed by what she experiences and to begin anew.

“The arc of history is longer than human vision. It bends. We abolished slavery, we granted universal suffrage. We have done hard things before. And every time it took a terrible fight between people who could not imagine changing the rules, and those who said, “We already did. We have made the world new.” The hardest part will be to convince yourself of the possibilities, and hang on. If you run out of hope at the end of the day, to rise in the morning and put it on again with your shoes. Hope is the only reason you won’t give in, burn what’s left of the ship and go down with it. The ship of your natural life and your children’s only shot. You have to love that so earnestly — – you, who were born into the Age of Irony.”

Hope; An Owner’s Manual

Look, you might as well know, this thing
is going to take endless repair: rubber bands,
crazy glue, tapioca, the square of the hypotenuse.
Nineteenth century novels. Heartstrings, sunrise:
all of these are useful. Also, feathers.

To keep it humming, sometimes you have to stand
on an incline, where everything looks possible;
on the line you drew yourself. Or in
the grocery line, making faces at a toddler
secretly, over his mother’s shoulder.

You might have to pop the clutch and run
past all the evidence. Past everyone who is
laughing or praying for you. Definitely you don’t
want to go directly to jail, but still, here you go,
passing time, passing strange. Don’t pass this up.

In the worst of times, you will have to pass it off.
Park it and fly by the seat of your pants. With nothing
in the bank, you’ll still want to take the express.
Tiptoe past the dogs of the apocalypse that are sleeping
in the shade of your future. Pay at the window.
Pass your hope like a bad check.
You might still have just enough time. To make a deposit.

~Barbara Kingsolver

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