A Meditation on Trust and Faith

I am a woman who listens deeply to my inner and outer landscapes and develops her trust and faith in herself, others and the Universe. As I listen, I deepen my connection to Source and the interconnected web of life that sustain my being.

As I become quiet and mindful, I grow my capacities … for awareness, self-love, strength, resilience, compassion, empathy, confidence, sexiness, personal power, and many others. Quiet gratitude arises and the desire to give back for all the many gifts that have been given to me.

Everything that happens to me supports my intention, even when I do not understand or cannot fully appreciate the messages nor the messengers. Every inner and outer conflict is a growth opportunity and a gift.

I am in flow and manifesting all that I need and desire.  For optimal manifestation, I de-clutter physical and emotional spaces and vehicles to support my forward movements.

I accept WHAT IS and what wants to become. I surrender to mystery and uncertainty. In the not-knowing rests imagination, creativity. I listen and open to guidance from my Abundance Angels and spiritual guides. Fear and resistance are my allies — they point me in directions where I need to go. I listen, yet I do not allow them to overwhelm nor supplant my heart-full courage.

I am letting go of what no longer serves me, my intentions and my vision. I allow space and time to grieve losses and to integrate personal growth opportunities. There is room for healing and forgiveness.

I open my heart-mind to expand into unlimited possibility, the magic of unexpected surprises, and new beginnings.

I place my primary focus on health and co-creation of sustainable well being in service to Life and its Art. Goodness flows from an infinite well of inner peace and love. I trust this journey and welcome the adventure.


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