Clay Artivism

Summer swings by so fast with its delightful bounty of seasonal activities. We’re winging through the last days of this year’s High Energy Season, abundant with its fruits of creativity; and I feel blessed to be alive in this time!

I’m thrilled to announce a new wing of Femme Fire Productions in its early stages of development — Clay Artivism.

“Yoga Asana” vase and “Fruit of Knowledge” sculpture


Most of my weekdays are now spent at the ceramics studio nearby making clay art and learning, through practice, the meaning of the word “artivism.” The full return to making art and merging it with my activist’s heart has been instrumental to my healing process (more about this topic some other day).

These are exciting and interesting times we are living, and the practice of artivism arises naturally and spontaneously in my being; hence, the work (play) merges seamlessly with the vision and mission of Femme Fire Productions. I’m growing into a passionate Clay Person, and this suits my muddy human feet and Lotus roots indeed.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about artivism:

Artivist is a portmanteau word combining “art” and “activist“. Frank Berganza has stated: “When one pushes for change, socially, politically, or environmentally, by utilizing their creative ability to communicate in ways of their artistic activity, that shall be known as Artivism”.

Artivist Eve Ensler has stated: “… This passion has all the ingredients of activism, but is charged with the wild creations of art. Artivism — where edges are pushed, imagination is freed, and a new language emerges altogether.” Bruce Lyons has written: “… artivism … promotes the essential understanding that … [humans] … can, through courageous creative expression, experience the unifying power of love when courage harnesses itself to the task of art + social responsibility.”[1][2][3][4] Artivism developed in recent years while the antiwar and anti-globalization protests emerged and proliferated. In most of the cases artivists attempt to push political agendas by the means of art, but the focus on raising social, environmental and technical awareness, has increased exponentially as people has started to lose faith in politics and the current socioeconomic system.

Upcoming Shows

I’m busy as a bee preparing clay artivism inventory for upcoming shows, and having a blast at the same time! Yeah! Shows include an early September appearance at the Works in Progress (a women’s arts showcase, where I’ll also be reading my poems) and a mid-October show at the Center that hosts the ceramics studio. My pieces will also be included (and available for sale) at the groundbreaking Women’s Congress for Future Generations in Moab, Utah at the end of September (more about this exciting event and my trip to Moab in an upcoming post).

“I Am Enough” hand mirror (hand-built ceramic, hand-etched and hand-painted)
©Femme Fire Productions

A New DIY Online Artivism Outlet

In the very near future, I will have completed all the necessary steps to enable Femme Fire Productions to offer artivism ceramic pieces to you, dear one, in a new online store. Whoo hoo!

Stay tuned to Femme Fire Productions for beautiful products to support your path of self-love and well being.




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