Forever-Wild Bookends

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“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe to match your nature with Nature.”
― Joseph Campbell

Continuing with the intentions shared in my last post, I took another concrete action step this week toward my goal of co-creating a fabulous summer.

Mono Hot Springs Retreat

I booked a week-long stay at the historic Mono Hot Springs Resort (established in 1935). I’ve been dreaming of a wilderness adventure retreat here for several years, with a focus on therapeutic soaking in the abundant hot springs. The wilderness spa and massage are calling to me! For this trip, I chose camping so I can sleep on Mother Gaia and next to the bank of the South Fork of the San Joaquin River, where I’ll hear her gurgling, magical, watery song.

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Ansel Adams Wilderness

Mono Hot Springs is located in the Ansel Adams Wilderness, which is next to the John Muir Wilderness; both are sandwiched between Yosemite and King’s Canyon National Parks. For a taste of the spectacular beauty of the region, check out Peter Essick’s  “The Mountains That Made The Man,” a National Geographic Magazine photo tribute to Ansel Adams and the craggy California wilderness named in his honor.

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Wild Woman Retreat 2013

With the aim of hosting a small group of women to join me for a Wild Woman Retreat at Mono Hot Springs Resort, this will also be a scouting expedition. I’ll be meeting with the owner, checking out the cabins, restaurant and the rest of the facilities. I hold close to my heart-mind a clear and beautiful vision of sharing a transforming retreat experience with a remarkable cadre of women. Do you want to go with me on a Wild Woman Retreat next summer? If so, you’re invited to get in touch and share your excitement!

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Forever-Wild Bookends

Today, as I marked the September dates for this adventure in my datebook, I noticed also that we’ll celebrate Autumn Equinox (and the end of this most fabulous summer) on the last night of our retreat.  Naturally, the dates were picked without my realizing this when I booked the campsite — they were the first available dates for my preferred site #10. Fitting indeed! Forever-Wild Bookends for my Most Excellent Summer! Summer Solstice resting in the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness and Autumn Equinox soaking in the hot springs and hiking the forest trails of the majestic Ansel Adams Wilderness. How do you touch your inner wilderness landscape? What makes you feel forever wild?


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