Born To Sit Under Trees

Born to Sit Under Trees / © Femme Fire Productions








I was born to sit under trees, in a time when trees
Are turned under, tilled into the ground to mulch land
Upon which will be planted gas stations and strip malls

The maiden paints a new canyon or coastline
Her sparkling pallet: volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes
Her brush cleaves a hole in the canvas of human life
Nowhere left for her to create
So she covers an old masterpiece, a city, an island, a colony

When the Maiden visits us, we grab up the children and run
Head instinctively for the hills, for the safety of vegetation, trees
Then we grieve, crying our prayers to vast heaven

The wilderness is gentle, after so much shattering glass
And falling concrete
Stationing ourselves in branches
Reaching for the softness
Of one another,
The most solid thing we can find
The trees whisper comforts to us
Remind us that we are born to sit
Under trees, watch the children
Grow as the world falls apart and
Rebuilds its self again
Because we are of the earth
And we, like the earth, can heal

excerpt ~ Caitlin Chero 2010

Tree Love / © Femme Fire Productions

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  1. Hi, I’m the author of this poem and I’m very flattered to see it used here on your beautiful website.There is an unedited version as well if you would like to read it
    – Caitlin Chero

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