Summer Solstice in the Stanislaus

I am co-creating with the Universe my most fabulous summer ever! I made a list of 25 activities and elements that I envision happening and/or developing over the course of the summer, write in my journal daily about the process and am making a small vision board.

A few focal points of my super wonderful summer are:

  • Reaffirm with CONCRETE ACTION STEPS my clear intention to live into the visionary, medicine path of RADICAL SELF-CARE, HEALTH  and WELLNESS — a customized form of optimal, womanly self-love, which ultimately expands outward beyond myself into the world and all those I touch and interact with.
  • Spend significant amounts of time on RETREAT (solo and with others, from a few moments a day in meditation to a few week-long adventures) to rejuvenate and seek within.
  • Reclaim my Inner Wild Woman. One way is by peering into the reflection of our Gaian paradise and its web of life, of which I am a part and upon which I depend for my sustenance.
  • Do daily medicinal practices, including writing in my journal, yoga, walking, and meditation.

Wilderness Camping Expedition

My summer began with a week-long camping expedition into the gloriously wild, rugged and green Stanislaus National Forest (located between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite). The Stanislaus Forest encompasses 898,099 acres on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  Nearly a quarter of the forest is designated “wilderness” (Carson-Iceberg, Emigrant, and Mokelumne Wildernesses) by The Wilderness Act of 1965 (click to see a short video in honor of the Act).

We camped on the North Fork of the Stanislaus River, on the edge of the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness. This place provided a perfect setting to reconnect with the Inner Wild Goddess. Many moments were spent lazily sunning on the rocks and swimming in the river. I brought for reading Henry Miller’s Stand Still Like the Hummingbird and Terry Tempest Williams’ When Women Were Birds: Fifty-Four Variations on Voice.

Summer Solstice Morning at Lake Alpine / © Femme Fire Productions


Summer Solstice Celebration

Our celebration of Summer Solstice commenced with a light breakfast at Bear Valley Lodge en route to nearby Lake Alpine, followed by meditation and yoga on the beach.




We delighted in wandering the edge, wading and swimming in the cold water under a hot sun, then enjoyed a picnic lunch on the boulders.




During the afternoon, we hiked the Emigrant Trail and rested near a patch of alpine lilies.

Abundance and Gratitude

Upon our return to base camp, we built a Solstice Fire. Under the clear, starlit sky, we ate Pad Thai (Emma’s favorite) cooked on the camp stove. We gave thanks for this longest day of the year 2012 for its simple joy of light, beauty and warmth.

We drew cards from the Aleister Crowley Tarot and told our stories that arose in response to the cards. I drew the Three of Cups or “Abundance” and affirmed: “Life gives me everything I need in order to live life to the full.” I went to sleep feeling full with contentment, happiness, a light heart and a pleasantly-tired body. This was my best Summer Solstice ever!


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