Femme Fire Retreats

Retreat into Radical Self-Care

We offer an array of Group Retreats, Custom Retreats and also Private Retreats. Each Femme Fire Retreat will give you an unforgettable experience in radical self-care and personal growth.

Femme Fire Retreats foster personal growth & healing, empowerment, awareness, holistic interconnected consciousness, transformation and, above all, inner peace … while celebrating the abundance, blessings and joy of existence upon our beautiful and bountiful Earth.

Come play with us for a time and forget about your responsibilities and concerns. Step into the present moment, soothe your spirit and dance in ALIVENESS as you align body, mind & spirit.

Why not give yourself this gift and add great value to your life by making a personal investment? You deserve it!

“The media is blasting us daily with the collective fear around the failing economy. Pressures abound for many people and the act of going on a retreat can provide one with the restored hope that will allow you to cope with this season of transition and uncertainty that we live in. 

Both women and men need retreats. Going on a coaching retreat combines the format of quiet introspection and ‘getting away’ along with the transformative power of having a professional coach lead you. […] And retreats for individuals, leaders and other high profile professionals, can serve to integrate a sense of renewed purpose during a time when many are re-creating themselves.”Mentor Coach Helene Van Manen

Women’s Self-Love Retreat 2010

Group Retreats

By calling small groups into circles of communion and powerful transformative process, we share and build upon our gifts & strengths to co-create effective personal change, along with positive planetary change.

Share with others like you in group conversations, adventure and exploration, guided meditation &, visualizations, experiential exercises, hikes, dancing, music, journaling with prompts, expressive arts, FUN, and much, much more. There are plenty of opportunities for you to journey within and touch your center and the ground of being.

Earth Walk into Vision

Custom Retreats

Does your non-profit group or intentional community need and/or desire a retreat to: Build group cohesion? Clarify and renew your vision? Rejuvenate and raise morale? Plan for the future? Take a break and enjoy rest, renewal and play?

Or are you a member of some other type of small group that might benefit from a shared retreat experience to rest, renew and co-create fun together? Lotus loves designing retreats for mothers, caregivers, teachers, activists, professional women and others who give. These hard workers are the dear ones who need retreat and renewal perhaps the most, yet who often need to be encouraged to take good care of themselves.

Yourself? Where are you at on this spectrum of self-care? Lotus embraces a practice of radical self-care, as this enables one to give from an overflowing cup of good energy and love… plus it just feels good and brings more joy in life!

Lotus truly delights in facilitating retreats for small groups and communities. She brings a wealth of experience as a small-group facilitator, event/program coordinator, spiritual guide, and retreat coach. She would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your group’s needs to custom-design a memorable and beneficial retreat experience at the venue of your choice. Lotus will work within your parameters and budget to co-create a fabulous retreat that your group will never forget.

Private Retreats

Are you someone who would prefer to take a solo retreat with an experienced retreat coach and spiritual guide by your side to listen actively with insightful questions? Tend to your individual needs? Provide activities, rituals and resources? Surround you with loving kindness and care? Offer high-quality empathy, support and coaching? Plus have the focus of your reTREAT be completely upon YOU?

Lotus is available for 1:1 personal retreats designed especially for YOU. She is highly creative, compassionate, and is an excellent retreat partner. She can take you to realms you haven’t been before. She is an adventurer and is comfortable in a wilderness setting scouting the terrain to urban environments that offer amenities, convenience and dazzle.

Lotus knows how to help you relax into inner peace and connect with your heart, the natural world and Source. She is a skillful master who can play with your Inner Girl / Boy and encourage the empowerment of your Inner Wise Woman / Man.

You name the focus of your retreat and choose the location (Lotus can also offer suggestions). You also decide the length of your retreat. Lotus will meet you in a field far beyond right and wrong, without judgment. She will happily create a safe space for you to explore your inner realms with in-depth conversations and focused activities.

Lotus would be honored to co-create with you a retreat experience that will nurture, soothe and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Simply allow her to make all the arrangements to fit your needs and budget. She will gently guide you on a special journey into your inner landscape. You may even awaken to new possibilities and visions for your future — one of Coach Lotus’ special areas of expertise. Let Lotus be your Guide on Your next Great Adventure!


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