Success Partner

Are you:

  • Facing a major life change and transition?
  • Desiring to grow your Self and raise your self-love?
  • Writing a book or developing a creative project?
  • Starting an intentional community, business or nonprofit?
  • Wishing to make more money?
  • Ready to transition into a new life chapter?
  • Wanting to improve your relationships with better communication?

If so, Coach Lotus can help you break down big goals/projects into manageable, do-able, ACTION steps so that you can realize your dreams more gracefully and quickly!

Coach Lotus is a natural-born coach and supporting people to manifest their visions is one of her great passions. She believes in unlimited possibilities and the power of universal forces. When you hire Coach Lotus, you become success partners, raise energy and make good things happen! You will learn and grow together.

Coach Lotus is an expert at active listening and acting as a sounding board, motivating and catalyzing you to set your intentions and then take concrete action steps to move you forward. She can intuit, inspire, and ask the crucial questions that will evoke your magnificence. She assists you to fully shine your light that resides gloriously within you and is from your Source.

Coach Lotus can help you:  

  • Assess your life during your initial coaching session with her “Whole Goddess Circle” Assessment Tool
  • Identify and clarify key elements of your life
  • Design a work/life plan that is perfect for you
  • Grow your capacity for resilience, trust, faith
  • Increase your Self-Love and Self-Worth
  • Set professional and personal goals
  • Step up to the next level of success in your career
  • Increase your creativity
  • Create an environment that renews your energy and nourishes you
  • Reframe negative self-talk and vanquish your Inner Critic
  • Learn how to transform challenges & obstacles into growth opportunities
  • Create heart-mind resonance and congruency in your intentions, words and actions
  • Become your own best friend and life partner
  • Focus in creating a clearer vision of what you most want
  • Build your confidence and personal power
  • Grow your leadership skills and capacity
  • Create a marketing plan based on attraction and heart energy that is doable and effective
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts and Communicate more effectively
  • Create a strong financial foundation for business and personal goals
  • Keep you on track and moving forward with accountability and support
  • Help you flourish and create the life you want

The Coaching Relationship

As your success partner, Coach Lotus offers guidance and walks with you on your path toward successfully creating the life you desire. You will be provided with resources, tools, networking connections, and the kind of high-quality support necessary for you to achieve a life of balance, passion, and prosperity. You must be prepared to commit to your success, do your part, and take the necessary action steps to move you forward in your journey. The Universe will support you the deeper you move into heart resonance and energetic flow with the One.

You hold within you the truth, vision, answers and power to create the life you want. Each little step counts in the work/play of completing your goals and manifesting your visions. Your first step is to make a deep commitment to love your Self and make your growth and well-being your most important priority. This means taking responsibility for the quality of your life, your inner peace and fulfillment, setting your goals, investing in yourself, and taking clear action.

The One-on-One Coaching relationship is powerful beyond measure, and you and Coach Lotus will both benefit from it. In fact, everyone can benefit from a coaching relationship. Coach Lotus will create a safe space for you to share in-depth conversations. She will guide you to greater success and fulfillment in all areas of your life. The plan you design together, the pace at which you progress, and the support modalities you use will be tailored to suit your learning style and personal needs.

Your Investment & Commitment

Private coaching takes place over the phone with weekly 60-minute coaching calls and requires a 3-month minimum commitment. You will be responsible for your long distance charges and for showing up.

The focus of every session is completely upon you and your life. Coach Lotus will give you her full attention and powerful, healing presence, which you will feel regardless of the physical distance. Scientists are just beginning to understand the remarkable distances that heart energies can travel.

With a minimum 3-month commitment, you will be able to see noticeable results from your effort, experience a sense of achievement, and fully understand the high value of developing a coaching relationship with Coach Lotus. At the end of the 3 months, you’ll explore your next steps and how best to continue your relationship to suit your needs.

Again, you must commit to your success and take the necessary action steps in order to move you forward. As always, you will be fully at choice to choose what truly serves you and your goals. You are encouraged to listen to and trust your inner knowing and your heart’s wisdom. Your investment in your Self secures your commitment to achieving your life goals.

Coach Lotus’ Life & Spiritual Coaching To Self-Love & Success 

Your investment of $240/month includes:

  • Four 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions,
  • Initial in-depth Goddess Questionnaire,
  • Whole Goddess Circle Life Assessment Tool,
  • Weekly homework activities,
  • Tools and resources, including valuable networking connections,
  • Unlimited email support (within reason), plus
  • Two 10-minute laser calls a month, when needed.

Payment is due on a monthly basis prior to first coaching session. Upon request, invoices will be emailed the last week of each month.

Complimentary “Let’s Get Acquainted” 30-minute Session 

You are invited to take advantage of Coach Lotus’ complimentary “let’s get acquainted” 30-minute session. During this session, you will share an obligation-free conversation to explore possible paths you could take to co-create the life you want.

If you feel a resonance with Coach Lotus, you will let her know and you’ll then take a few minutes to set up your first session. If you have additional questions or need more clarity before you are ready to move forward, you can continue to chat with Lotus by email until you feel ready to choose. If you decide it’s not a good fit for any reason, no problem or worries. Coach Lotus will thank you for making the time to share a conversation and wish you the best for your life.

You are invited to email and schedule your complimentary session to experience how you can specifically benefit from having her as your professional retreat, life and spiritual coach and your partner in success.

Introductory Coaching Packages 

Coach Lotus regularly offers special introductory coaching packages and is working on new offerings for 2011. Check back often.

For Low-Income Women In Need:

Coach Lotus provides special fee and payment arrangements to a small number of women who have limited financial resources, and for whom the coaching relationship with Coach Lotus is an excellent fit. If you are a woman in need of support, send an email to Please explain your situation and how you believe this coaching will benefit you, and make a clear request on the amount of scholarship (and other) assistance that you need. Share what you want to offer to secure your commitment to: 1) growing your Self, 2) showing up for the coaching relationship, and 3) contributing to sustaining Lotus’ practice of serving women and/or how you would Pay the Gift Forward.



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